I’m traveling!

I’m traveling to ..!
Florida … if! As you have heard I will make a “tour” of the Sunshine State! Ire to: Miami, Everglades, the Keys, Orlando …!

And I will visit the park of Harry Potter (more information at:https://hpandmore.wordpress.com/the-wizard-world-of-harry-potter/): The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! How exciting!


All comments will try to be answered , but if you have to say something important, or a question/post where I have to answer it, please e-mail to me at: hpandmore@gmail.com
Quiet! when we arrived hang all the pictures of the park Harry Potter (hare lot!:lol:)

I hope I’ll be out 15 days you visit my blog and let many comments!
See you here … 15 days! XD


Well that’s all! Thank you everyone, have a nice summer! Happy summer vacations!





4 comments on “I’m traveling!

  1. aww,well,i’ll miss you for sure! i’m adding you and i hope you add me i hope we can plan a wi-fi meeting somtime,what’s your time zone? mine i GMT +8 hours 🙂
    have a nice travel! see you in 15 days emma! 😉

  2. I hope you have a great trip! I went to Florida and I just loved it! The Harry Potter park brings even more surprises than what you think!

    Que interesante! El parque de Harry Potter! Te encantara Florida y todo lo que tiene! Espero que te lo pases muy bien Emma!
    Te echare mucho de menos Emma!

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