Finally…. I’m baack!

Florida is super cool, I have visited many sites! I had a super good but I missed hospital you and the blog! XD.
But equally I’ve had super good! I have swum with sharks and dolphins, rays have touched, I visited Miami and its skyscrapers and tropical beaches, I swam with manatees, (one of my favorite animals) I bought souvenirs, I went to the marine animal park: Sea World, I have visited Orlando, and most importantly, I went to the park harry potter! It’s amazing when you walk as if you were part of the world of Harry Potter, here a few days I will make a section within the park Hp page of my experience I hope you like it!
I have returned from my trip, but the holidays are not over and if I have too much free time I’ll be many days away from home without the computer so that I may not be 100% with the blog! But equally I hope you continue visiting the blog and that comenteis much! 😉
If you have any sujerencia, complaint or question send me an e-mail on my official blog:
PS:I would like to know that this blog is not FREE to copy! I hope not copy any information!



8 comments on “Finally…. I’m baack!

    • Yes i went this summer was very cool! I love the chocolate frogs! And the Olivander’s storie! From here a few days I will make a category on the website of Park Hp hang on my experience and photos! Watch for updates to my blog! 😉 (keep visiting my blog please and post comments) If you want you can register!

  1. see! lots of people comment on your blog now too! 😀
    anyway wanna wi-fi,is your time zone different from jemma
    or you guys have the same..? is ur time zone CET?
    then how about tomorrow or maybe on thursday
    1 PM your time,7 PM my time 🙂 hope you can come
    I’m opening my gates after that,let’s go to your town! 😉

    • Yes thanks for everything!!! Yes my time zone is the same of Jemma. But I can’t this week (5 days)! 😳 becouse i’m in a town farawey of my city and I don’t have Wi-fi! I’m sorry!
      I can on Saturday, and you? 🙂 Hope yes! And we go to my town :P, OK?

  2. Oh dear Emma please enter this blog again, ’cause if you don’t I’ll cut off your head 😆
    (I had a song in my head and with the rhythm of it… ta-daa I made this dramatic song XD )

    • Hello, I’m back here! I just updated the page: My experience, I have a new post, which shows you and I made a new page: NEWS
      And please do not cut my head! 😆

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