I love this video!

OMG!I have not seen a video so precious and sentimental in my life!
I can not believe that the HP saga is over! 😥 Before when watching a movie in the cinema, just when I thought: “What I have wanted to see the next movie!”
Haro But there are no more, it is very sad to think that it’s over, but for me it will always be the best series I’ve seen!
The truth began to mourn me when I saw it.
So I want you what you saw and you enjoy it as I have:


6 comments on “I love this video!

  1. I was just saying what I thought I should I found the video and sent it to you, and now you have put it on your blog, that’s fine but please at least say i found it. And if you would have asked me to give you credit I would I just thought you didn’t mind and plus: the videos you found where official videos, not like the one I found. Just please at least say my name. Or the name of the leaky cauldron XD

    • Oye no quiero tener mal rollo contigo pero el video no es tuyo ni lo has hecho tu XD
      Y ya puse el nombre de Leaky Cauldron al final de la pagina!!!! 👿
      Por cierto no todos los videos q encuentro son oficiales!

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