What’s that?

 Ok i’m gona splane wat it’s that category:

I thought that since it has now finished the saga of HP, could make up stories about for me (but with the same characters and everything 😉 ) for each year at Hogwarts, Harry, Ron and Hermione. Each story would be like a chapter from a book, and will eventually be “invented” my own book of stories of Harry Potter (not publishes or anything becose ,it’s not legal, only for the blog XD) and thought the book had to say: Memories of a magical world! 😛

Cool right? 😉

Forewarned that a few days here publishes the first story! 8)


10 comments on “What’s that?

  1. In English: Oh umm well OK! That’s the same thing you said to me XD I just realized, I was so stupid to explain my stories with a loooooong page XD You just say: Yo! Hp stories are hp stories, you got that? XD
    In Spanish: OH! Bueno… XD OK! Has dicho lo mismo q me dijiste en el comentario cuando pregunte q eran histories hp XD Me acabo de dar cuenta. Yo en cambio fui tan estupida en explicar mis histories con una pagina muuuuuuuuuy larga 😳 Y tu solo dijiste: Eo! Historias de hp son historias de hp, lo pillas? 😛
    Bueno felicidades en tantos post en el blog!

  2. TIP: Do not put these post in the HP Stories category, the ones that all say: coming soon, coming soon, it’s a category where I will put hp stories. Eliminate all of those posts and just post 1! about what it is and then the stories.

    • Oye, Jemma, no crees que te estas pasando? si solo vas a comentar en mi blog para quejarte de cosas y para correjirme, no comentes y punto! Podrias comentar ¡¡por ejemplo: de las fotos de el park de hp, podrias decir tus novedades… pero no estar siempre corriguiendo y quejandote!!! 👿
      PS:No necesito a nadie que me diga lo que he de hacer con mi blog. SE que no me lo has dicho con mal rollo pero es que todos los comentarios que tengo tuyos son de quejas! 👿

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