My first Hp story!

Finally here's the first story and the first chapter (which is the same ;) ) of my Harry Potter book: Memories of a magical world! You will love it! :)

Chapter 1:

A trip to Hogwarts!

R: Ronald Weasley
Her: Hermione Granger
H: Harry Potter
Today the students of 1st year, it is up to a magical excursion for the most magical and historical sites of Hogwarts!
 (RON, HARRY AND HERMIONE ARE THE Gryffindor common room)
 R-Harry you believe this trip worth it? Because the truth does not interest me much spend all day walking around the school …
H-Not much, but I prefer that to learn potions with Snape!
 Her-Come guys, do not be passionate about the history of Hogwarts?!
(Both at the same time say:) – Actually no, we are only interested in discovering the secret corners of Hogwarts!
Her ‘Boys …- sighs and looks like fools.
Time for the tour, were all prepared under …. Neville Longbotom! Which he had lost his toad again and was looking desperate (though he had in his pocket)
Mc Gonagall – Okay guys, first began visiting the respective common rooms in your homes and classrooms.
R-How boring!
Mc Gonagall-Sorry, did you say? – Looks at him with eyes murderers.
R-Nothing important, nothing ….
 H-Hey Ron where is Hermione?
R-She said they came within minutes, said he was in the library researching what Nicolas Flamel- – Speaks quietly not to hear.
Her-Here I am!
H-Man, I’ve been thinking, because we escaped Hogwarts and see for ourselves?
R-Yes, yes, yes! It will be very cool! Hermione you join?
Her – Okay, but as we get into a mess ….
They spent all day finding secret passages, like the witch nut, which leads to the pantry Honeydukes (Hogsmeade), tried to get into Dumbledore’s office (but Snape almost catches and ran), inspected the 3rd floor , which was banned and almost visited the Forbidden Forest, but Hermione had enough, brought them back with your peers, and that luck had arrived just when the teacher Mc Gonagall was asking the names to see if you were there!
But Malfoy, who had heard his escape plan and rats! (Bad Malfoy 👿 )
Luckily he did not believe Mc Gonagall (because it had no evidence) and escaped punishment by the hair! 😉



A fun day (but dangerous) 😛 in Hogwarts! 😉 🙂


5 comments on “My first Hp story!

  1. Awesome Story,Emma! 😉 Anyway since your *kinda* 6 hours behind me,your coming to my party at 1 PM (It’s your time) I’m opening up on 7 PM,September 9 😉 Hope you can come (Travel Safely to StarCity… 😆 )

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