Sorry, I had a virus!

Sorry, I had a virus!
Recently had a virus on the blog! If so Jemma found the chatroom on your page:

Hello Jemma!
I was just visiting your blog and true … You’re Such a loser!
My blog is much better than yours!
whahaha lalala: P
Jemma Bye
Lalala my blog is better than yours … la la la: D: D.
I want you to know that I DIDN ‘ T write any of it!

So I want to tell: Jemma and Kammile not blame me because I have not written anything about it! : (
I think this solved because I’ve changed the password to my account in WordPress!




7 comments on “Sorry, I had a virus!

  1. II’m soo sorry I blamed you! I can’t believe I thought you would ever do that! 😥 I hope you can forgive me. And I’m gonna ban my who ever it was if he ever see him again! 👿
    I’m really sorry!

  2. Visita mi pagina, other stuff, debajo mi pagina chatroom para ver lo nuevo q añadi a mi blog (tiene q ver con este incidente)
    Otra vez: lo siento mucho y mucho y muchisimo!!! 😥

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