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First I have more news:


Back in March the announcement was made that Warner Bros. would make the home of the Harry Potter films open to the public.

Recently, Mugglenet got the chance to take a tour of “The Making of Harry Potter” at Leavesden Studios just outside of London. Staffer Nick put on a hard hat and got a sneak peek of the tour while it is still under construction.

“Imagine being able to step foot inside the great hall, to come face to face with a Basilisk, to step inside THE Ford Anglia used in the films – that is just a small taste of what’s on offer to fans everywhere. The truly unique tour will let you venture behind the scenes and witness first-hand the craftsmanship and magic that has gone into making one of the most successful film franchises of all time.”

You can learn all about this one-of-a-kind experience, including a list of all the sets and props that will be featured in the tour, see several pictures and more in his full report here:

Opening in Spring 2012, tickets will go on sale October 13. Good! 😛

Do you plan on making the trip to Leavesden Studios? Cool right? 😉

I have a new theme …. lately, I make many changes! 😛
It’s called “mystique” many of the blogs I know they have it because it is very … perfect! Also, do not care what other blogs are equal, because it has the advantage that you can do it totally different from the others! Confusing? 😆
Well I loved the other topic: “selecta”
but this was more useful than the other, because I can do more things in here soon have a YouTube account and videos of Harry Potter hang! Be careful 😉
PS: Kammile where are you??? 😥

I mess you!!! Please back and put your new blog! 😉 



Let me know when you get back to work! :mgreen:
 Welcome back, Kammile!

12 comments on “New theme, new pages, new news!

  1. I’m back! I totally forgot to visit your blog. 😛
    I like the new additions and the new theme. (Guess every one likes this theme..)
    Wi-fi’s up and running,i can wi-fi again! 😀

    Missed ALL of you!

  2. Doesn’t matter! I forgot things always! 😆
    Thanks, for the moment everyone loves the theme XD Why did you say that? Confusing! 😉
    What Wi-Fi is runing again! well good! 😉

    I missed you too!

    PS: Yes the grey was good becose is like mistery, like the mistery of Hp! 🙂

    • Hey your theme is purple! Cool! 😛 I love it!
      I believe Kammile said that everyone loves this theme ’cause a lot of people have it on there blogs
      Love your blog! 😉

    • lol, Your blog’s scheme color is currently purple, If you change it to gray, It’s a lot more fitting and like you said… It’s mysterious… 😆
      but i can’t stop you from picking a color scheme you “don’t” like! 😆
      I even wanted pink for my blog but purple fits my blog, so i picked it. xP

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