My 2nd Harry Potter Story! Yay!

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Expedition to the Forbidden Forest!

Harry, Hermione and Ron are being punished for arriving late at Potions (with Snape)
because of Ron, who left his book on the boys’ room, and the picture of the Fat Lady was giving a concert and do not let in 😳Her – I hate you Ron! Today’s your fault we have to sleep in the forbidden forest, accompanied only Hagrid’s dog!R – Quiet Hermione! Can not be that bad, right Harry?
H – Yeah, right … (Said with irony)Later with their sleeping bags and blanket, went to the forest at the end Hagrid’s dog could not come because he was sick of  “Granitis” (a strange disease that have all dogs Hagrid have!  hehe), so they were alone in the dark!R – What filth! Here are spiders! Help Hermione!

Her – I try to sleep if you have not noticed! (Said angrily)

H – Guys, and if we, for a ride, because Ron can not sleep? (Looks at him with eyes murderers:))

Her – You’re right, Harry! So we cleared a bit, eh Ron?

Walked through the Forbidden Forest mast dawn, saw unicorns, giant tarantulas (Ron nearly had a seizure), centaurs, and many other magical creatures!
Passed afraid because he was only 12 

but nevertheless, I had a great time!
Although … I think Hermione does not want to repeat, let Ron (since it has a fear of spiders) HE HE 😆

23 comments on “My 2nd Harry Potter Story! Yay!

  1. I don’t know if you realize, but there’s a four-letter curse word that begins with F in this story… 😛 I wasn’t offended, just surprised. 😆 It’s great that you’re continuing these stories, though!

  2. If you don’t mind, Would you change the bad word that starts with an F?
    Kinda like Amy said. xD but at least with this “F***” ?
    You know, censored! 😛 I didn’t know you could use such language, well… 😐

    • In this paragraph…
      “Later with their sleeping bags and blanket, went to the forest at the end Hagrid’s dog could not come because he was sick of ”Granitis” (a strange disease that f*** dogs Hagrid all! hehe), so they were alone in the dark!”

      I just couldn’t help but notice, When i was reading happily and then… “SHOCK!”
      My face froze because i didn’t even know you say such things but i guess you just
      learned the word…? 😯 Well, It’s because you spanish,right?
      Is “that” word means something else? or just didn’t know what it means?
      (I don’t either but internet says it’s a bad word. 😕 )

      • Good story Emma! Glad to see that you’re continuing these stories!
        Kammile, it is a bad word in Spanish and English… Emma may you please change it? It’s a bit of a shock for me too… 😕
        But good story! I like it a lot 😛 (except for the bad word, btw poor Hagrid I understood when I read HP that the dog loved Hagrid! 😛 )

      • 😳 The translator is wrong!
        For as not much English, some words I go wrong! xD
        Kammile Sorry, Amy and Jemma! 😉
        I’m gonna change the word…. right NOW!

    • Yes, I liked it, and it must be difficult writing a story in a non-native language!
      It wasn’t a big deal to me, but I thought I’d point it out since Harry Potter is a children’s series (therefore children might visit your blog) and it looked unintentional. Good job with the story and handling the mistake!

      • Well thanks, but do not know much what you mean with this phrase: “It Was not big deal to me, But I Thought I’d point it out since Harry Potter is a children’s series (Might THEREFORE visit your blog children) and Looked it unintentional. ”
        Well, thanks also and sorry for the mistake! 😉

      • I was just explaining why I pointed out the word even though I could tell it was an uninentional mistake. Curse words don’t bother me personally (JKR uses some herself :P), but they might for other people obviously, like young HP fans and their parents.

        I just saw your reply, “Quiet Amy”, on Kammile’s blog… :/
        The reason why I replied in the first place was because you brought me into it by saying that I was against advertising when I’m not. I can’t speak for Kammile or Jemma, but I don’t think they’re against advertising either since they’ve both done blog advertisement posts. 😛 (I might in the future, but I don’t think enough people visit my blog for advertising posts to be useful. :lol:) I wasn’t trying to be mean, just clarifying my position on the matter, which is: asking for comments isn’t necessary with me because I love Harry Potter myself and will continue to visit and support your blog. 🙂

  3. You’re the best Amy!
    Thanks for supporting me in everything and keep visiting my blog! 😉
    You’re the best!
    PS: I’d love you to have a blog Hp so our “relationship” would not be so forced, but also I like you as cyberpal! 😆

  4. Yeah! I do love the story! 😀 It’s cool seeing my stories (the big long boring ones 😆 ) and then yours, as they’re totally different! 😛 I hope you enjoyed my story too Emma 😉 And I hope the two of you, Kammile and Amy enjoyed it too! 😛
    Love the story!!! 😀 😀
    PS: Did you enjoy my album??? 😛

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