Please understand me + Some news + I’m sorry! >.<

I’m sorry >.< ….

First I would say than I’ so sorry to be inactive this days! 😦  I’m so sorry I can’t post a new post ’cause I had some personal problems with other blog owners. Well BTW another good excuse it’s than I love Halloween (probably it’s my favourite ” party ” or ” event “, with Christmas 😆 ) and I think the last Halloween post was really good 😛


Here are some news:


Warner Bros has also made a “for your consideration” video (of Harry Potter and the Deathley Hallows part2) which you can see here or below(it’s a really nice video, I almost cried xD I’m kidding!) 😛

I love when Lilly Potter says: ” Harry, be save, be strong….”  and I love too when Harry says:

” You stay with me? “ and his father’s soul responds: “Until the end” and much more! 😆 I love all the video 😛


MORE NEWS…… (thats not a new 😆 )

Where are you Jun-jun? 😦  Please come back! I need you!

Please Jun-jun come back! You are a really nice person! And a hp and blog (I think) fan! Please come back! 😛

PS: If you now some Hp blogs or Hp fans please pass my blog adress! Or pass me her or his blog adress! Thanks! 8)


PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME…….  (For Amy and Kammile) (this is a incorrect at the moment apartat of the post ’cause we’re all friends again, it’s all solved! 🙂 but I just delete come parts ’cause it’s sad to delete all 😆 )

Please Kammile and Amy, read this apartat of the post:

Now you know than I don’t post that comment on the Amy’s blog, and now why are you angry with me? Well I’m sorry first the previous question: Are you angry with me?

I really love your comments and you are also so nice with me always… but… now…… WHAT happens? You don’t like more my blog? I’m very rude with you? I don’t understand you, in theory, the problem was solved, but you now I forgive Jemma…. but I don’t understand

Why you get so angry with me, and now that you know that is Jemma, why you forgive she so fast? 😦 (I know Jemma is a nice person and she don’t have any intention to post that comment but…..) Jemma don’t misunderstand this, you are one of my best friends, one of the persons who I more aprecite, one of the persons who always supported me, one of the persons who more help me with this problem….. (but what you did was pertty bad, but quiet, of course I forgive you! 🙂 )

So, Amy, I don’t  want you away from my blog, because you are one of the persons who most appreciate when I was blogging (with Kammile, Sandra and Jemma :lol:) so I want us to forgive, and let us be friends as before this misunderstanding! Friends again? 😛

So, Kammile, please understand me! I’m not the person who post that comment on Jemma’s blog! You have to belive me! I say you the same like Amy! You are one of the persons who most appreciate when I was blogging, and I want to be your friend like before this fight! Friens again? 🙂

PS: I hope you understand me … because at the moment I will continue to cap, with my valued blog! 🙂



If you want now you can comment in: Spanish, English and….. German!  😛 Because I have some German blood and I’m learning to speak German! Yay! ^ ^




14 comments on “Please understand me + Some news + I’m sorry! >.<

  1. Yes, now that we’ve both apologized and forgiven each other over email, I think everything is cleared up for the most part and that it’s time to move on. 🙂

  2. If you’re right Amy! 🙂
    Thanks for being the wonderful person you are! I hope you continue so long! 😛
    Since we are sensitive that I recommend the video “ad” in this post! Do you like the video and the post? 🙂
    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. Glad this is still an hp related post. 😆
    and yes,I forgive you. 😛 Sorry for accusing you on saying that…
    I don’t even know why Jemma could tell Amy that. 😛
    Well, I was thinking of quitting my blog when we we’re still at the middle
    of the fight.
    Maybe that’s why i wanna quit, It’s not really a normal internet blogging,
    It’s un natural and i experienced a lot more fights than this over the internet,
    just because of blogging. 😛

    Ok, Look, I understand.
    I’ll start a new life once i get a Wii, Luckily, I’ll earn more money to buy
    a pack of Wii and some other stuff i saw on the internet.
    (Yes, That’s a well trusted site. 🙂 )
    My blog will probably change and i might quit AC:WW,
    Luckily, Liam,Tess and Amy are there for me! and i don’t really need to wi-fi
    to change my hairstyle. xP Everything’s there on the City (Sorry, That’s CF Stuff,
    I might bore you and you might not be that interesting.)

    For the New Year, Which is in the very near Future.
    I wish for peace and quiet, I wish for no fights. I wish for peace on blogging.
    Someday. I will have peace, Once i quit. that’s probably the biggest mistake on
    my blogging life but i will still be in peace.

    • Thanks! I’m super happy! Were friends again! 😛 Thanks for the nice comment! 😛
      No! I do not want to ever leave your blog! 😦 Your blog is really fantastic! 🙂
      Well if your blog becomes one of Ac, we will continue to support (and hopefully you too), but I think I like your blog like this now (since the subject domain acww enough)! but equally, while impressive do not leave your blog, everything will be fine! 🙂
      The truth I do not want more fighting! 😛

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