My interview to a famous! Yay! ^ ^

I  think I gonna change my blog theme as you can see 😆 
This post have new pottermore information 😛 new art pics! YAY!
But please if you comment, comment more about the interview ’cause it cost me a lot of work! 
This is a interview post made by me (I  interview in person to this person) 😆 …. who is the famous?…. PEDRO MOLINA! 😛 
And…. who is Pedro Molina 😆 ?…. is the best actor dubber in Spain and the father of one of my friend! 🙂
He dubbles the voice of Gary Oldman (Sirius Black)  in spanish in all the movies! This is a really great post to me because I work alot on this post so I want 3000 comments here 😆 (kidding but I want a lot of comments) and please DO NOT COPY! 
Pedro Molina give me all the rights to publish this interview!
– Hey Pedro Molina, I have some questions for you, you feel good?

A: Hi Emma, ​​I’d be pleased to answer your questions.

Well! Let’s start: What was your reaction when you know that would make the voice of Sirius Black in the famous Pel · film of Harry Potter?

A: Well, I’ve been fortunate to be the usual voice of Gary Oldman, actor who plays Sirius in the Harry Potter, almost from its beginnings in film. I was thrilled to know that Gary had become one of the most charismatic of the plot who is also Harry’s godfather, so that’s always on your side in the fight against the dark forces of the “unspeakable”.

-You’re a fan of the Harry Potter? Or only a movie more for your list of movies dubbed?

A: Yes, I’m a fan of the series since the appearance of the first book. I remember with great pleasure how before bedtime we read a chapter a day and we stayed together until the next day expectantly thinking about how to continue. Obviously some films have not been more in the list.
 -How were the days of dubbing in Harry Potter? What was your experience?

A: The days of dubbing was done in Madrid, were very pleasant and very nice for the interest that we all had to remain faithful to the original performance. I also had a great time because I love Sirius Black … think it is bad and everyone accuses him, but wants nothing more than protect Harry from all dangers and also gives him “super flying broomstick” with which Harry will get his biggest hits in “quidditch”.
– If you had the opportunity to repeat experience with Harry Potter (although it is now impossible because the movies are over) would accept?

A: Of course. And although the movies are over me great satisfaction to know that my voice will be forever linked to Sirius in its Spanish version.
 • If you could change something about your career as an actor and dubber would it be?
A: The truth is that I have always considered it a privilege to put my voice in the service of the interpretations of what I consider great actors, that is, as a voice actor would not change anything … I was able to work very, very nice … Dracula, for instance the same actor. Regarding my statements on TV or the theater would have liked to have access to the same characters as the actors have had to double floor.
• Now the question we all want: meet the cast of Harry Potter, JK Rowling or Warner Bros. producer?
A: Unfortunately the actors appearing in the films do not show themselves for the dubbing. I regret to say that although I had done a lot of illusion, not personally know any. Anyway, what I can say is that Hermione Granger’s voice belongs to an actress who surely know, is Michele Genner, the pretty young blonde in the series “The Best Of.”
 •  You could contact with the actors, JK Rowling and other participants in the Harry Potter?

A: Well, the truth is I do not know how, Emma. I have no resources to do so than anyone else.

• Well, I think that’s all, many thanks and good luck with your career!

R: Thank you, Emma for thinking of me for this interview. And now to end an anecdote will explain the different stunts in the series Harry Potter.
As you know the series has been dubbed in Catalan. It happened that at the beginning of the series had not yet appeared when Sirius Black, I did a voice test to play Lucius Malfoy, Draco’s father, in his Catalan version. The test went well and played the character of Lucius in Catalan.
When Sirius appeared next film called me to put the voice in Castilian, so when we had to turn to Catalan Sirius Lucius I was already assigned as a character that could not play Sirius. So that I bow to Castilian and Catalan Sirius Black to Lucius Malfoy is also good, but not the same, right?.
Yay! Cool right? 😀 
Thanks to Pedro Molina to give me the honor to have a interview and Jemma to give me the idea! 😛
Thanks!! 🙂
And some photos of the new pics of pottermore art(my favourite ’cause they are a lot and this post is “just” about the interview):

Pottermore art: The Letters from No One

Chapter Three, The Letters from No One, inspired these creations by Pottermore Beta users.Below you can see pictures of the arrival of the letters addressed to ‘Mr H. Potter, The Cupboard under the Stairs.’ We’ve also shared some of the drawings of the hut on the rock.Next week we will focus on Pottermore user art from Chapter Four, The Keeper of the Keys.- The letters –

by FlooWizard193
by StarLumos192

– The hut on the rock –

by FelicisBlood9

But please if you comment, comment more about the interview ’cause it cost me a lot of work, but comment about the pottermore art too 😆 ! THANKS AND REMEMBER THE INTERVIEW!

Thanks again!!!

PS: Pottermore information here: pottermoreinator.wordpress……. com 😛 😆 I’m crazy jajaja 😛 Okay I’ll stop 😆

17 comments on “My interview to a famous! Yay! ^ ^

  1. Woot! Woot! The interview is here! Yay! Yay! YAY YAY AAA! 😀 I was waiting for this 😛 😉
    Congratulations! Now you only need 2999/3000 comments 😆
    I’m so happy for you Emma! Great post 😉

  2. Thanks Jemma I always love your comments! 😀
    I just need 2998 (counting this comment) I’m more close to have 3000 comments! 😛
    Yeah! I really happy with this post! But its sad than Pedro Molina can’t contact with the “real” harry potter famous but it’s okay! 🙂
    Thanks again for the nice comment! 😀

  3. The interview was a good idea and well-done, too; nice to see some hpandmore original content. 🙂 Love the additional Pottermore art, especially the first one.

  4. Oh cool I really love that question but Pedro Molina face it’s red like this: :opps:
    😆 It was reallly funny doing the interview! 😛
    Do you have a parent or friend a little bit “famous” ? 😛

    • Haha not really, well the only one who comes to mind is a local celebrity named Greg Fishel, a meteorologist who lives in my neighborhood and goes to my old church. He’s famous enough to have his own Wikipedia page, at least. 😆

  5. Esta entrevista esta muy bien parece que la haya echo un profesional,consigue todas las entrevistas que puedas conseguir como esta con los actores/dobladores.
    Este blog es genial i progresa a una velocidad enorme bueno, espero que te siga asi de bien i algun dia no bromearas con lo de los 3000 comentarios en un post 🙂 !!! Bueno hasta otra!

  6. Muchisimas gracias Marta! Creo que la unica persona famosa y relacionada con Harry Potter que conozco es esta 😆
    Bueno la verdad me ha encantado tu comentario 😛 gracias otra vez!
    Tu blog también progresa muy rapido estoy segura que llegaras alto!
    Gracias! 😀

  7. OMG, You met a famous person? For Real? Wow, I’m really impressed, I’m glad to see the original and unique information of this post, Good Job!
    and the Pottermore Fanarts are awesome! I like the last one. :)

    • Yes 😆 It’s the father of my friend 😛
      Thanks for the nice comment! 🙂
      Do you truly start again your town in acww? WAW! 🙂
      What happens KAmmile and Amy? I have a lot of original information in my blog (stories, some edited pictures, the Hp lego videos…….) but I have to put “real” and Hp official information too (because I cant’ invent all the information 😆 )
      I hope you understand and thanks for the nice comment! 😛

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