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– Hagrid –

by ThestralStone83


by WillowSpirit210


by LightFlight75


by LightKey65


by SpellSeer122


by SorcièreTriton114
Bellatrix’s Secret 

By Melissa

ABSTRACT: The writer explores the possible relationship between Bellatrix and Voldemort.

Let me begin by saying I knew Snape’s secret before Deathly Hallows came out. I have read and re-read the Harry Potter series over and over many times. If there is one thing that I know about Jo’s writing is that nothing is an accident. If Jo has made a point of saying something at least twice, then there is a reason. What gave away Snape’s love of Lily was actually something that Jo never explained in DH. But it was Slughorn mentioning in HBP that Lily was a Potion’s whiz. That started the wheels turning and made me re-read everything with the idea that Snape’s relationship with Lily was the key. With Jo’s tendencies in mind, I read into something interesting about Bellatrix.

In reading Half-Blood Prince, there were two things that stood out to me. The minor warning bell to me was in Spinner’s End and the conversation between Bellatrix and Narcissa. When discussing Draco’s mission Bellatrix went on to say that had she had sons, she would have gladly handed them over to Voldemort’s service. It was her choice of the plural that got my attention. It would seem that a woman with no children would say that sentence differently. “If I had a son” would seem more appropriate for a woman who doesn’t have a son and isn’t expecting one. But that sentence isn’t necessarily a give away.

The major difference and one that is different in the movie is Bellatrix’s involvement in the first battle at Hogwart’s. Bellatrix, Voldemort’s “best lieutenant” (DH 737) was not there to ensure that her nephew was successful in killing Dumbledore. Why wasn’t Bellatrix there? There’s no explanation. Lucius is still in jail so he wouldn’t be there…one can assume Voldemort released Lucius after Dumbledore’s death.

Another red flag is how Voldemort handles Bellatrix’s death. Notice the difference with how he treats Snape’s death (“I regret it.” DH 656) to Bellatrix’s death where Voldemort screamed in rage and “exploded with the force of a bomb.” (DH 737)

Then there are things Jo has said outside of the novels. She explained that Bellatrix’s marriage with Rodolphus wasn’t a love match and she married a true blood as it was expected of her (web chat interview). Rodolphus’s disappearance in the second Battle of Hogwarts and in all of DH isn’t explained either.

And there’s the thing that Jo DID say in the novel more than once that is the big warning flag. Jo states in DH that Bellatrix spoke to Voldemort as if he were a “lover.” Voldemort tells Bellatrix at Malfoy Manor “No higher pleasure…that means a great deal, Bellatrix, from you.” (DH 9) and after Voldemort regains conciousness in the Forest after using the killing curse on Harry (DH 724).

So how do I add these things up? My theory is that Bellatrix had a child with Voldemort. I beleive that she was pregnant at the beginning of HBP and had him before DH. Notice how Voldemort warns Bellatrix that she must cut off the diseased branches of their family (DH 10). It seems very important to Voldemort that Tonks no longer exist. It would explain why Jo was hinting that Bellatrix was treating Voldemort as a lover, why Bellatrix wasn’t at the first Battle of Hogwarts and where Rodolphus went (raising a baby that wasn’t his, poor shlub). And if there is any way to continue the story of Harry Potter (which Jo has said is a possibility) it would be interesting to see if someone with soul-less parents or as close to soul-less as you can get is automatically evil.

© Mugglenet
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Fast post! LOL (Pottermore + Voldemort ~❤~ Belatrix?)


14 comments on “Fast post! LOL (Pottermore + Voldemort ~❤~ Belatrix?)

    • Thanks Kiya 😛
      Yeah! Your right! They are fantastic! I’m not a good artist but I love the drawings and this they are spectacular ! 😀
      😆 The 2nd it’s really good but the first it’s really sweet for me! 😛

  1. I like the watercolor-looking one, that’s really nice. 🙂 At this rate, is the official Pottermore blog going to post fan art for every chapter in the books? 😯

  2. Yeah! It’s a sweet and nice one 😉
    I don’t know but it’s really difficold to post a fan art for every hp chapter, but if the waiting of pottermore stretches, maybe they can make a post for each chapter (would be a little impodible but… 😆 )
    Thanks for the comment 😉

  3. Hmm, I don’t think any of these “clues” point to Voldemort and Bellatrix having a child at all. There’s no evidence or even mild hints of them having a child in my opinion; all the things mentioned in this article just support the fact that Bellatrix loved Voldemort and Voldemort didn’t love her back (which JKR has confirmed). He’s incapable of love but realized her feelings for him and used it to his advantage. :/

  4. I’m think the clues are okay but I think they aren’t posible, ’cause Voldemort like you say is incapable of love, and the only site he really loved in his live it’s Hogwarts. 😛
    But I think it’s an interesting opinion, right? 🙂

  5. those are really good fanarts of hagrid. 😆
    the 2nd oe was cute but the 3rd and 4th blown me away. 😛
    wait.. VOLDEMORT x BELATRIX??? @_@

  6. 😆 Yes I love Hagrid and this fanarts are fantastic (I think) 😛 I love the 2nd ’cause is really sweet but your right the 3rd and the 4th are fantastics! 😛 😉
    Yes Voldemort x Belatrix :O It’s a fan teory 😛 But isn’t real of course 🙂

  7. I just wanna tell you that i have new blog.. lol, i think you already know, this comment proves that i invited you, i forgot to invite you the past few days and i saw a comment that i can’t comment on your blog and stuff. 😳 so i was terrified on commenting a while ago.. but this is just an invitation.. and i don’t like my blog to be shouted out for a while. 😆

    btw, you weren’t the one i didn’t like i told you we we’re friends. 😦
    and i have a friend on ACC who keeps annoying me to death.. and i hope that if i get rid of my blog and everything.. she won’t bother me anymore. T_T

    • Ohh yeah thanks I’ll keep an eye in your new blog and I’ll keep it on secret too 😉 Btw what do you meant with this: “And I saw a comment that I can comment in your blog and stuff” ? and with this: btw, you weren’t the one i didn’t like i told you we’re friends 😦 “??? I wanna be and I think I’m your friend but just the last comment in the post of the art museum was a little bit rude cuz I work in every post I publish especially in art and other relationated stuff, and of course the Harry Potter Glogster and u didn’t say anything about if u think the fan art or art or glogster is good or what u like more…. u simply said that that’s not fan art… (and something about pottermore 😆 ) Well hope u can comment something more good when u return of the “break” or the time u will be offline for your fan art competition with your friend 😆
      I’ll miss you so much Kammile!!! 😀

      • uhm… it’s i saw a comment that i “can’t” or can NOT comment on your blog. 😦 because i was rude and stuff… lol.

        so i was frightened to comment. xD

      • I didn’t like that comment in special but I don’t like forced comments either so I hope u understand I like comments with interest in Harry potter 😉

      • oh.. i DO have interest in Harry Potter, i mostly watched every movie.. but i think i missed 1 or 2… but it was a really great story. 🙂

        o-o oh, you didn’t like that comment.., i was kindly pointing out something wrong, i get it all the time too. xD it’s a simple mistake and i got like BILLIONS of critics and haters who send hurtful or semi-hurtful comments about the things i do.. so whenever i see something like that.. i feel broken… into million… err.. i mean, BILLIONS of bits.

        So, i think i have a more depressing internet life.. so i wanna restart. TT_TT

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