Chapter 2: Magic Holidays!

First chapter of the harry potter official story made by me here:

Chapter 2 of the harry potter official story made by me(specialy for christmas and winter holidays):  Magic Holidays! 

but a strange feeling says than I was not at home; I feel snowflakes slowly falling over my eyes, I felt the grass freshly wet….

Where I’m? Do because towards both cold?, in my house I had turned on fire! As could be snowing inside a House? And how a house can had grass?

I decided to get up and begin to explore, but when I alze saw something amazing, something that happens only in dreams, before mine was the castle of hogwarts! So I can not believe! My dream is serving! (I thought)

Although trying to be realistic could not, just the feeling of being on the grounds of Hogwarts castle I was excited!

Then I saw a few silhouettes approach-, if I remember correctly were three, three…. OMG… three! Devian be Harry, Ron and Hermione. I had to hide, if someone I saw I would have gotten into a good mess! I said to myself: quiet, Emma, surely this is all a dream, not nothing happened… But meanwhile think i think, the silhouettes already is distingian much better, because you could see the long hair of hermione, Ron reddish hair, and the resaltonas (no insult) glasses of Harry and his black hair.

-Hi I’m Emma

-Hi my name is Hermione, and this are my friends, Harry and Ron. Your new in the school right? Well we are in Christmas Holidays, so theres no classes this days!

-Belive me, I know who you are 😆 and no I’m not new, it’s a long story….(and then I explane all my adventure, and I explane why I know who are they….)

-Waw! Sounds great! So your not a Wizard right? Your a fan of a saga called harry potter and I, Hermione and Harry are the main characters? That’s really fantastic! (say’s Ron)

-Do you wanna help us with the Christmas decoration? Here, in Hogwarts there’s a lot to see and to do in Hogwarts, first we can go to Hogmade! Okay for everyone? (say’s Harry)

-Yes!!!!!! ( I say)

So we went to Hogsmade, sure I was going with the invisible layer, we boght a butterbeer in the three BROOMSTICKS, we visited the House of the screamings (The most horrible of Great Britain), and bought me a snowflake in Zoncos that not is derritia never, (I) that when told the words: This Christmas night, gonna be a magic night! The snowflake, let her see the best scenes of Christmas in the world of the Magi, the codend snow came with a box color aquamarine with Golden edges.

Then we went to help Hagrid with 12 trees of Hogwarts, Hagrid is not stopped to ask because this year the trees weighed less xD. We also went to see Dumbeldore and the we explain a story about the old Christmas and he told us a phrase that now if I think it really: everything is possible if your want, and more at Christmas!

Was never going to forget this Christmas, before I left I asked Harry, Ron and Hermione to sign me the box of the snowflake, but also knew that this was a dream.


I said goodbye i asked them to send me a letter the next Christmas. I got the cash in your pocket and vaje by the burrow more closer, which in theory would have to bring me home.

Upon awakening she was sprawled on the couch, watch the clock 12 a.m., the same time that when look at the latch of the door. Strange I thought that State was all one day at Hogwarts, but on the other hand, the clock in my house said that were the 12 in the morning!


I was quietly lying on the sofa with the lit fireplace when I saw that I had sent a letter with the seal of Hogwarts, the abri and I started to read:

Dear Emma,

We are very happy to finally be able to contact you! The last Christmas was unforgettable for everyone, we love that by accident you could be with us this Christmas day! And we hope that you continue even saving your snowflake! Here everything remains the same, even if you miss, the truth this year Hagrid this very angry, does not understand because this year the trees return to weigh so much! We hope that you continue living with taking that holiday esperitu usual! The next Halloween you hope! We will send an enclosed with this letter magic potion so that you can travel by Halloween, Hogwarts this very well decorated also as you know! And… We hope you like our surprise also enclosed with this letter!

From love :

Harry, Ron, and Hermione ♥♥♥

Leave the letter carefully in the bedside table and saw the gift, that wonder, here you have the gift and the potion:


Image of the gift here:



12 comments on “Chapter 2: Magic Holidays!

  1. Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me encantaria poder estar en tu lugar, no es incrible pensar en que eso seria posible alguna vez,en todas las sagas que nos gustan ,ami especialmente de sagas asi me gustan Harry Potter y Cronicas de Narnia pero hay muchisimas buena Aquí lo que interesa es que me encanta la imaginacion que tienes!!!!Eres fascinante escribiendo este blog,una vez mas sorpredenes con tus contenidos !!!

  2. I love this story! It’s a Magical Christmas! Your a very good writer! 🙂
    This like I say in the first part it’s like another J.K Rowling story 🙂 😆
    Good job! I like the present, the Yule ball snowball! The image of the potion it’s fantastic but it’s not a Halloween potion 😆 But it’s very pretty and magic! 🙂
    I love all the story, but I specialy like the part of the letter, the part when you descrive all the tipic Hogwarts things in Christmas and the part when you descrive this:….. and bought me a snowflake in Zoncos that not is derritia never, (I) that when told the words: This Christmas night, gonna be a magic night! The snowflake, let her see the best scenes of Christmas in the world of the Magi, the codend snow came with a box color aquamarine with Golden edges.
    Great job Emma….. or…. mini J.K Rowling 😆

    • I actually readed the diferent stories of your book of hp official stories called: Memories of a magical world (The name isn’t wrong, right? 😆 ) Well and they are great! So.. good job again! And the real reason for commenting again is: I want a new fantastic post!!!! 😀

  3. Nice story! This would be most Harry Potter fans’ dream come true. 😛 What’s kind of funny is that in this story, the wizarding world exists alongside the muggle world, while the Harry Potter books are available for the muggle public to read, totally violating the Statute of Secrecy. But I guess wizards are safe even still because, like Mr. Weasley said, muggles will go to any lengths to ignore magic, even if it’s staring them in the face.

    • Thanks! Yeah in the book o Fantastic Beasts and where to find them says than any muggle can see any magic criature or anything of the Wizarding World or you have to go to Azkaban 😉
      Love all the extra books of J.K Rowling btw! 🙂

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