Yeah! The HP stars  Emma Watson and Ginny Weasley. SO here you have some fashion information about this stars:


First up, Emma is in the “Pick Me Up” issue of i-D magazine out now. We’ve posted the photos previously, but we now have the article that goes with them. Courtesy of Mariano Vivanco, the photographer.


In Style features Emma in “Beauty Talk” in their latest issue. They ask Emma about the inspiration for cutting her hair, and her choices in makeup.


From Poland we have scans from Bravo Girl showing how to match Emma’s hairstyles , andBravo.


OK! from Thailand looks at Emma’s changing fashion style and hair over the years. Thanks to Elmira.


Finally, Emma covers Cosmo Girl from Hong Kong and the article features some new poses from the Matt Jones photoshoot.


You can view fashion inspired in Harry Potter here: http://www.collegefashion.net/inspiration/fashion-inspired-by-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-i/

And Hermione’s oufftis here:http://www.collegefashion.net/inspiration/harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-fashion-inspired-by-hermione-granger/

What do you think about this HP clothes? Comment about that! Do you like Bonnie Wright and Emma watson being models? Comment saying what to you thing about this theme 😉



  1. I love Bonnie Wright in these photos! 🙂 Emma Watson it’s a fantastic model! I love the new fragance of Lancome: Tresor Midnight Rose 🙂
    The links you posted are great love the article of these links, so… great 😆
    Hope you post more stuff about this theme 😉
    Love your blog 4ever :mrgreen:
    PD: I was looking the email you send me, and the new project sounds great! Good luck, I hope the new post can be about the project! 🙂 Good post btw 😉

  2. Great! Love all these photos, it’s great Bonnie Wright also joined the fashion world like Emma Watson, ’cause she’s also very beautiful, but what would I know, I don’t really understand fashion 😆

  3. Todo el post esta muy chulo pero la parte que mas me ha gustado a sido la de los cortes de pelo de Emma ! me gusta mucho el pelo por que pienso que tiene mucha creatividad igual que la ropa a si que me encanta la moda ? bueno el post esta genial!!

  4. Si!!! Emma Watson esta genial con cualquier corte de pelo jaja 🙂 aunque en mi opinión el pelo largo le quedaba mejor aunque asi también esta guapa como no!
    Bueno gracias por el comentario 🙂 Nos vemos 😉

  5. Emma Watson has a beautiful face, and your hair doesn’t really matter if you have a celebrity face 😀 Plus, with her makeup, clothes, and the originality of the photos who can really complain about her hair? Emma’s beautiful always!

    • Yeah Emma it’s a model for me 😀
      She’s pretty, rich :lol:,a good student,friendly, and she worked in the best saga of the world (for me, and I think for you too). It’s like “perfect” (not at all, of course, nobody it’s perfect but…. she’s just a little more perfect than the other people including me)
      Thanks for the comment in my blog on this hard blog times 😆

  6. Wow, Bonnie looks quite a bit older with that make-up! 😮

    Emma’s fashion is great for events and photoshoots, but she does have a lot of money and access to stylists and designers. xD I think her everyday style is pretty comfortable and casual, though. Emma’s beauty must-haves are appreciated since I always think her skin and make-up looks flawless. Good job with the post 🙂

  7. Yeah Bonnie Wright it’s pretty but in these photos (especially the last one) look’s older 😀 I like Emma ’cause she it’s original and fashion when she work’s for a magazine or when she goes to a premiere or a special event but in her normal live her style it’s casual, comfortable, but she always try to have her special style with a little bit of fashion in all her look’s, that’s a point ’cause I like her 😀
    Some people says I’m similar of her aspect so that’s good 🙂
    Thanks for the nice comment.

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