…..Chapter 1….Photobook…

UPDATE: 1-Well I have to told you some news first the Birthday of Ron Weasley (not Rupert) So Happy Birthday RONALD WEASLEY!

You can buy some thigs for a really good prize here: http://www.wbshop.com/Harry-Potter/hp,default,sc.html

2-Look this is the last project of Wb studio tour HP in London: http://www.mugglenet.com/app/news/show/5467

3- Look at this fantastic Doby fan art:

 by Rebecca (really good job 😀 )

This was a really great idea from Jemma! 🙂 I hope you don’t mind I publish my own “photo book” about the J.K Rowilng website secrets!

Btw the idea was (c) of Jemma 😉 hehe. Thanks again Jemma from acwwbook for give me or I just so from Jemma’s projects so Jemma I hope you don’t mind it 😉

Well this is baisically a photo book of  The secrets of the site of J.K Rowling, and contains too Hp stuff too!  😀

Here you have the photobook(click to view the images larger):

If you want to discover the secrets for your own (like I did 😉 ) enter to the J.K Rowling official website: http://jkrowling.com/

Be looking these type of projects ’cause maybe I’ll do some fla….. ma…g…ine. I shut up my mouth ’cause it’s a surprise 😉

But If you need some help just read this guide or enter to google this words: J.K Rowling official website secrets

Btw look at this: 

And I recommend you this page: https://hpandmore.wordpress.com/harry-potter-lego/harry-potter-lego-sets/

And I recommend you to visit all my blog pages too ’cause they are pretty interesting 😉

And the last but not least I want to put this image from a pottermore fan than I love:

– Golden Snitch –

by StarSeeker147

17 comments on “…..Chapter 1….Photobook…

  1. This is the best project you did!!!! 😀 It’s the best album 😉 I love the idea of the secrets so great job emma (and jemma 😆 ) I love the last page of the album and the first :mrgreen: Yeah I liked the snitch photo when I so that for the first time in insider.pottermore.com but I like more the 2nd photot of that post 😉 I really love this album Emma ur fatastic and I love your blog 😉 It’s gonna be part 2 right? Cool 😉
    Can you send my the documents ’cause I wanna save this photo book chapter ’cause I love it 😳
    Good job Emma 😀

    • Awww that’s so sweet do you think I’m fantastic like my blog??? Thanks for he nice works +comments 🙂 And of course I would send you th document but please don’t publish it saying it’s yours or something like that 😉
      Thanks for all your comments I love your support!!! Thanks again 😀

  2. Amazing! This looks really cool although the pages are like… separated? Something like that, but it looks great and I love how you combined the timing, when J.K Rowling prepares her new book you publish this album, it really looks great Emma!
    The golden fan art also looks amazing! You two are talented Harry Potter fans 😉

  3. Your photo book is awesome, i taught they we’re supposed to be like Jemma’s Powerpoint but they’re just seperated but it still looks fantastic! 😆

    Sorry i can’t comment much, school’s really heavy and got some something somethings to memorize. 😆 looks like Sandra goes ahead with the comments,
    commenting first at your posts… Amy used to do that but since she’s busy, i understand. :]

    • Thank you Kammile 😉
      Yeah now Sandra comment always first in my posts I think she is like comenting more and comenting always the first ’cause you know she was pretty busy (like you) for school and her parents taked her computer and she didn’t comment anymore for a long time and now she is better with school I think her parents give her a recompens or something like that 🙂 (I don’t know details about this story ,she explains in short because it may have been something shameful) well I’m super happy with Sandra’s comments and I understand Amy ’cause she is older and she want to do something important with her life when I will have her ages I will do the same study study and study but have fun too 😀
      Update: Hey Kammile! Do you know if in the FIRST 😆 day of opening the WB studio tour HP it’s gonna be something special?? 🙂 Thank you 😉

  4. ^^ me encanta este album, es fantastico! ^^ ademas me has dado una posible idea para el mio,no sera la misma,pero me la has dado 😀 bueno el post esta chulo i se ve que te has currado las fotos, la idea de los secretos de J.K Rowling sta muy bn ^^ Me encantan todas las pag pero la mejor es la pag 7 la de la introduccion de la 2nd parte, de hermione i ron i la pareja i todo eso ^^bueno sigue asi y si haces mas albumes podrias rescatarlos y hacer una nueva pag !! bueno suerte y buen post! 🙂

  5. Hola Emma!
    I’m here to comment 😉
    I just wanted to ask you a question about the one Harry Potter book I read (HP & the Prisoner of Askiban). Do you ever find out who sent him the Firebolt? (Geez I hope I got that right… I read it like 3 months ago.)

  6. Hey Kiya thanks to comment 😉 It was Sirius Black and If you remember at the end of the book when McGonagall returns the broomstick to Harry I don’t really remember how Hermione discoverd that but at the end she says the firebolt was send by Sirius Black 😉 So yes that’s all xD
    Btw do you like my album????? Hope yes 🙂
    PD: My friend’s blog is that: http://perrosconsuficha.wordpress.com/ it’s in spanish 😉

    • Thanks! I forgot to tell you I never ended up reading the whole thing because I had to return it to the library. 😦
      Yes, I love your album. I think it’s really cool how you made the lines of the book kind of 3d so it looks like actual book pages!

      • Awww thank you 🙂 Btw I I hate when you don’t end to read one boook and you have to retun it to the library 🙂 Btw now you know the answer of your question now 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Ron Weasley! I wonder if Rupert celebrates that… I probably would but then again it’s having 2 birthday parties in one year, what do you think? Is that too much? xD
    At least Warner Bros celebrates it with special offers, and I’m sure some other people but, well… I, I forgot it 😦 Thanks for reminding me of it!
    PS: What a fantastic fan art of Dobby!

    • I would celebrate 2 birthdays and more if one it’s of a HP character 😆 well if I think like Rupert Grint I don’t know maybe I would go to the cinema with my friends in “my” (Rupert’s) birthday 😉

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