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First of all I have 2 new categories: “Little but important details” and “The dark arts professors” (the last category it’s coming soon and the first one it’s now open with this post). And I promize I’ll do more fan arts with the HP5 print studio 😀

Well let’s start the new category: “Little but important details” it’s about the little thing in the movies in HP than compared with the actors are insignificants but in truth they are essential for the movies.

The first post of this category it’s about the owls so enjoy:


Owls are magical creatures most often used for delivering post and parcels in the wizarding world. They are known for their speed and discretion and can find recipients without an address.
The owls….. Owls are birds of prey. They belong to the families Strigidae (typical owls) and Tytonidae (Barn Owls), and there are at least 200 species. They normally feed on small mammals, insects, fish, and other birds. They do not make nests, instead sheltering inside trees, ground burrows, caves, and barns, or using other birds’ old nests. Owls do not live in flocks, but the term for a group of owls is a parliament. The study of owls is a branch of ornithology. Fossil records show that owls arose early after the extinction of the dinosaurs.Normally, some owls are nocturnal, and owls keep to themselves, but in the Wizarding World they serve many needed functions and have many sorts of personalities. (This paragraph it’s a summary of the hp wiki)
The owls work…..
The work of the owls it’s difficuld and really important for the magic people ’cause they are the enlisted to aid communications between the wizards! And that’s really important in all the movies ’cause in the films we so a lot of times Harry talking with Hedwing (or with more owls) and saying them to give to someone a misterious letter :mrgreen:
Owls must be trained to carry letters. Possibly only certain owls with attunement to magic can be trained for this purpose. They are possibly trained by wizards who can talk to animals.
Owls are used for commercial purposes, such as the Owl post office in Hogsmeade, and delivering newspapers and magazines such as the Daily Prophet and The Quibbler. The Ministry of Magic  formerly used owls for interdepartmental memos, but switched to enchanted paper airplanes because owls made too much mess with their droppings and shed feathers (This last paragraph it’s a personaly summary of the information of HP wiki)Postal owls all have different jobs, but it is the duty of a Scops Owl for local deliveries only, as they are small and weak fliers.Harry Potter owls….
  • Hedwing- Snowy Owl, companion to Harry Potter.
  • Errol – a very old Great Gray Owl owned by the Weasley family.
  • Hermes- Western Screech Owl, belongs to Percy Weasley.
  • Pigwidgeon also known as “Pig” – Scops Owl, owned by Ron Weasley (a really crazy and funny owl 😆 ).
  • Hawk-like – presumably companion to the Lovegoods (the blond crazy family, no offens Luna ’cause your great 😀 )
  • Draco Malfoy’s Eagle Owl – companion to Draco Malfoyand/or his family.
  • Longbottom’s family Barn Owl.
  • The numerous post owls from Hogwarts.
  • The numerous post owls from the Owl Post Office in Hogsmade.
HARRY POTTER OWL PHOTOS: Harry Potter and Hedwig.jpgI really love owls they are magical but real and fantastic animals made to help the wizards haha 😀 Now if you see a owl get sure it’s not Hedwing 😆 (oh yeah…she is died  😥 poor hedwing 😦 )Next chapter of this category it’s king’s cross station :DPD: If you want to come to my acww party please come with a shovel and a lot of fun for the party (post a comment saying if you want to come 😀 ) It’s gonna be this weekend on sunday 10 AM my time, please be punctual (the same as jemma). And please the persons who forget about me and they don’t disguise  that please don’t do anything and keep acting like you never so my blog (not saying names, the person/persons who I’m talking about know what I’m saying).

PDD: This post is amazing see it if you forget to look for it: https://hpandmore.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/photobook/

Thanks 😀


17 comments on “OWLS!

  1. I think this category is a great idea and it has its importance, great job on the post.
    I also love owls, the fact that they’re a real animal but that in harry potter they have their magical touch to it makes them even cuter! 😀
    I hope the idea for Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers category helps you!

  2. Hahaha thanks Jemma,owls are great, your idea was great I’ll make that category for sure 😉 BTW you want to come to my party right? 😆 (Hope yes it’s this weekend sunday 10 am our time 😉 ) Btw tomorrow we have to WiFi urgently 😀

  3. hehe, owls.. nocturnal and cute. 😆
    if i could have an owl.. i will name it.. BALTIMORE. hehehe (or Knight.,it rhymes with night.. 😛 )

      • sorry for the changes but it’s gonna be the next weekend (saturday) like I said in the update 😳 today I’m going… right now to a restaurant with some friends in the field yihii but the next saturday at 10 am (My time) I’ll be free but if you can’t on these time I’ll change it but it has to be some time in Saturday MORNING :mrgreen: I have a lot of surprises for the guests and I have to say my town it’s really good haha 😀 see you there I hope 😉

  4. Wow… a post on owls! I think Hedwig is such a pretty white.
    I know there’s an owl rescue where I live… and it’s kind of weird because when I was at this convention, they had a booth… and they had these owls, and they were telling us all the gross stuff they eat…. and how they don’t really carry letters…. just mice and rats and lizards…. it was kind of freaking me out. 😉

  5. haha thank you so much Kiya! 😉 I was on some convention about “birds” (eagles, owls…) and it’s intersentig, but I didn’t so any Hedwing 😆 all the owls were brown haha but it was okay 🙂

  6. 😳 sorry for not commenting much in your blog but I was really busy with school
    😦 Hey, good post I luv owls they are my favourite animal! I so you and Kammile are talking about what name you’ll put to a owl….. I think i’ll name it Scarrblies haha it’s really funny 😀 I like acww and I have the game and my town “a casa” but I don’t know how to wifi… :S
    Btw I like the ideas you are having for this blog ‘caus ethey are awesome… I really like this post….!!!!!!

    • haha yeah I love owls too hey your online if you want I can send you a quick email saying how you can WiFi in acww okay? Hope yes 😀
      Oh and thanks gor all your nice comments 🙂

  7. Interesting post, I didn’t know about this:
    “Owls must be trained to carry letters. Possibly only certain owls with attunement to magic can be trained for this purpose. They are possibly trained by wizards who can talk to animals.”
    So you can’t choose just any owl…
    My favorite owl is Pigwidgeon, gosh he’s adorable, sweet, hilarious, etc.

    I thought you already added me before (and my FC is always available on my blog) but here it is: 2967-0580-6954. Name: Twisk, Town: Dafdilly. I’ll try to come, but it’s very early my time

    • Hahaha thanks!
      Btw try to come ’cause like I say the party wouldn’t be the same without you!
      Okay thanks for the FC I add you add me too please my FC it’s in acww fans page! 🙂 Hahaha I love pig too but I don’t know who is my favourite owl ’cause I love all the owls of Hp!!!!

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