Temporary post- Party!

UPDATE:I had a lot of fun in the party, thanks to Kammile, Amy, and Jemma for coming! It was really good! I hope you liked the party and I promise I’ll post the photos soon (well I didn’t take photos cuz my camera died 😆 ) !!!!

Thank you again!!!

Well the party it’s gonna be tomorrow (Saturday) 10 AM my time (the same as jemma 😀 ) please be timely and don’t miss the party pleaseeee! And remember it’s my first party so it’s not gonna be super hiper  mega good like Amy’s or Kammile’s parties (or jemma’s hehe sory xP ) . The guests are Jemma, Kammile and Amy… right? 😛

Well you need to bring:

-Amy ( a cake heheh) 😀

– You have to were some spring clothes (don’t weare anything of rock (music) ’cause I already have something for you just Jemma give the typic glasses we say)

-A shovel.

-And a lot of fun for play some games!!!

I have prepared a tour in my town, some free time too meet the neigbors, 1 Harry Potter game (I explane you now) and 2 surprises o yes and we’re going to do a rock photo haha 😀

The harry Potter game (clik to view larger):

 Weell like you see it’s simple but it’s easier to explane with paint hahaha 😀

Think every “pack” of patterns it’s diferents and unique so the patterns gonna be diferent (that’s not important for the game) andddd… the secret objects gonna be diferent so you have to think what pack of patterns it’s better to run and don’t get trapped in the tricks!!!! So  choose well the pack of patterns in my party haha 😀


-Don’t talk with these neighbors: Maple, Mitzi and Kiki 🙂

-Please you are free to talk with all the other neighbors: Portia, Teddy, Sanson and Peanut.

-Dont pick fruits from the trees, I’ll give you all the fruits you want but later.

– Don’t step the flowers.

– Don’t remove the patterns when you walk or when you run.

-And don’t be rude with anyone!!! 😀

My FC it’s these please Amy and Kammile add me:

Name: Coco
City: A casa  (  it’s not a very good name hehe:oops:)

Please be timely!!!!!!!!! 😀 REMEMBER 10 AM MY TIME 🙂

Thank you! 😀 😛


7 comments on “Temporary post- Party!

  1. Oh, cool. :> Can’t wait until the party starts! i’m using my dsi to type this comment xP

    Sorry but i can’t understand the diagram a little.. :l

      • you can talk a little but you can’t talk a lot cuz I’m trying to get their photos you know I don’t know if this affects but hehe maybe yes and Sakura this is HP blog so this post and the next are the “unic” acww. just saying 🙂

    • yes what happens? 😦 Gosh anyone comed yet and it’s 9:41 AM (well the party it’s at ten but…) I’m nervous!!!!
      Sorry if you don’t understand the game but it’s easy and if you coome you’ll see it and it’s gonna be easier! 😀 Come pleaseeeee

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