Party at my town! ^^

Sorry for posting this really late but I just can say enjoy this LONG acww post: 


At the end Kammile finally arrived (late 😆 ) I was starting to thing she (and anyone before Amy and Jemma came) don’t gonna come!!! 😀 (yeah I was reallt nervious)

Btw good look Kammile! Haha collorfully and spring 🙂

This was this game:

 But I forget to put pitfalls hehe sorry….. but I hope you enjoyed the Hp patterns, there was the hogwarts pattern, the deathley hallows pattern and a Hp pumpkin pattern 😆

We walked around my Santa’s path! Cool right? Snowy snowy snowy, as you can see I loveeee winter, cold, magic and presents! Prfect haha 😀

Kammile’s present was a dive dan representing the 4th movie (the 2nd challenge of the twisard tournament)

All the prizes are hp related…Jemma had an owl clook and Amy a chess pize and a doctor eye the first representing the first movie and the 2nd representing Madame Pomfrey :mrgreen:

Then we dressed in rock (music 😆 ) style hahaha was great I love my clothes and Jemma were fantastic waw I really love her clothes she is a rock girl!!! 😀

My camera was died too Jemma! >.< 

We all took a photo on the road like street rock girls! Yeahhhh :mrgreen: Wassup man haha 😆

And here Kammile, Amy and Jemma get a chance to go inside my strange and dream’s house… !

Kammile was the “lucky” ( 😆 ) to went first!

Are you sure you want to enter I was thinking in that moment 😆

My house is really strange as you can see and I love  that carpet, it’s like from Alice in Wonderland you’re falling…and….falling…and….falling moree…..

And this is my “Dreams Café”….. nothing to say 😆 just enjoy haha 😛

Thanks Jemma for helping me with this room! 

Loveee this photooo it’s cool I’m going out of the room, Kammile was smiling and the TV was on! 😀 haha really good photo Kammile 🙂

My jacuzzi!!! Hahaha

Then was Amy’s turn…… 🙂 and for the las Jemma’s turn we scaped from her when she was inside my house, then I hid in the museum and I was moving to hid in my house when Kammile and I crashed and she catch me 😛

We crashed like 3 times haha cuz I wanna scape but I can’t hehe 

I love Jemma’s Ministry design!!!! 😛

Awww I love this pic, as you can see it’s a group photo made in my waterfall!!! Hahaha I was really excited in the party and I was always saying… “say cheese” and asking “it’s anyone making photos?” :mrgreen:

BTW SAY CHEESE :mrgreen:

Then we tried to mutate was difficuld but we almost do it 3 (with 2 we did it) but with 4 (everyone in the party) was imposible xP

And these last photo on the Hp patterns I’ve prepared hehe 🙂 All of you are with a sad face but I’m the only who is smiling… oh gosh I’m the unique goodfor being a top ACWW model… 😆

In the photo I meant my camera is died not my camea is died lol


Yay Amy is here!!!! She was the first one to arrive hehe!

Look at my geen gate hehe ! 

 I welcome Amy! (I love Twisk with her emotion in this photo… sweet! 🙂 )

04 - I give a cake.png She gave me a cake… cuz this was a belated acww party sooo Happy Belated Birthday to me! 😀 Thanks for this present Amy!

05 - A casa town map.pngThe map of my town hehe 😛 You see the river it’s really straight but just at the start of it !

06 - Rina has come to play.png Phewww Jemma /Rina/came to play! I was thinking she didn’t come….. but Kammile wasn’t here so I was really nervous hehe cuz all the games were prepared for 3… 😀

Before Jemma came Amy and I were at The Roost thinking to have a coffee! But Jemma came and she runed our coffee (JOKING JEMMA)

I love this photo specially for the emotion of Amy’s character Twisk!

Look the HP pattern…. cool right? 😀

10 - Claire has come to play.png Yay CLAIRE (Kammile’s new character) came to play now we are all so we can start the games 🙂

It sounds like Kammile and Amy didn’t have any wifi in a long time! 😛

Preparations of the HP game…. hehe wait and you’ll see the tragic final of the game hehe 😛

Amy’s position near the HP pumpking  patterns (I love it 😛 )

Look Amy’s comment for these photo: “It seemed to be a sort of maze around the pitfalls, and I didn’t fall in any, so I think I did well. :P ” Yeah it was something like that and the first to finish faster was the winner but I forgot to put the pitfalls…. sorry 😳

Well that’s Santa’s path it’s called Santa’s path cuz I gave you some presents in there! 😛 you can see it’s a snowy path with some color lines (like the winter sweets), and presents it’s sorrounded with cedar trees cuz they are typical for winter… I really like this path, and as u can see I ♥ winter!!!

20 - Present two, a black pawn.png19 - Present one, a doctor's mirror.png

Amy presents were a Chess pice  (1rst movie) and a doctor’s  mirror (Madame Pomfrey I think the surname it’s this… I meant I don’t know exactly how to write it…) 

And….. my jacuzzi…. xD I tried to make something similar than Mayu’s patterns:


Later we went to made a photo with some rock oufftis I prepared. (except Jemma’s one, yeah I know it’s incredible! :mrgreen: but I kinda like mine too and I love Twisk’s (Amy’s) dress, Kammile your character Claire  it’s fantastic too 😆 ) Cool right? I  love it! 😀 Like u… I’m sure! ♦♥♦

Look Jemma’s sheming emotion I love her face 😆

We made a tour in my house by turns and this are the photos of Amy’s turn:

My main room… 😀

I like Amy’s face it’s like concentrated 😆 in something…. :mrgreen:

MyDream’s Cafe, it’s a mix of fantastic things and flowers with “pricess things”, it look’s dreamy right? 😀

A part of the collection of my dresses (I have more but I can put more for the floor) 😉

Strange object’s room… thanks Amy! 😛

Suposed to be the bedroom 😛

Than when it was Jemma’s turn in the last room she get like sleeped and I scaped and we played a short game of hide-and-sheek and Kammile caught me, we crashed.

See… 😛

Then all we return together and all have axes (in this photo) except Amy she’s the unic who is not trying to kill someone… muahaha (joking) 😀


Amy :0… Kammile it’s trying to kill you!!!! 😆

Not really of course! xD

Muahaha Kammile you’ve failed and Amy it’s alivee (and your axe it’s almost broke wahahah 😀 )

Then we made a war of nets but I think Amy doesn’t have any photos of this… well it’s okay I ❤ all of her photos thanks Amy!! 😀

The picnic are were we were going to do the next game.

Now I’m not a HP witch now, I changed my clothes and I’m a cute carnival girl now.

The winner of the game is the girls who catchs more apples in this case Amy (With 7 apples), she gets 10.000 bells, Jemma was de second (With 6 apples) she have to get 10.000 too but she just accepted 1.000, 😆 thanks Jemma xD And Kammile the last one (with 4 apples) get 1000 just well…. another time it’s gonna be Kammile hehe (:oops: and Jemma).

A group pic at my waterfall (thanks kiya for give to all of us your “idea” of the waterfall photo”). Cool right? 😀
Amy your the unique who is not smiling I think 😆  

Then we tried to mutate the 4 but it was imposible so jemma and I fused and amy and Jemma too, sorry Kammile hehe 😆 oh yes but you fused with amy I think but anyone has photos of it 😆

Photos of my cloud path! 😀

My pink house (now it’s not pink now it’s green 😆 )^^

My clorful patterns in the beach hehe (some of the first one I made)

With Twisk in the photo lol beautiful! 

Group pics, in the 2nd I’m the only who is smiling but in the first anyone it’s smiling!!! 😀

Then all said in the bubbles “Thnks for comming ♥” “Bye thanks coco I had a great time” blah blah blah and I want to say:



15 comments on “Party at my town! ^^

  1. Aww, all of Kammile’s show up but some of mine don’t. I think it’s because with the gmail ones, you’d have to download/save all of them to your computer and then upload them yourself with WordPress or something. Sorry 😦

    Even with some of mine not showing up, this post has still a lot of great pictures and commentary! And your notes were englightening, I now know the significance of Kammile’s Diver Dan and my doctor’s mirror. 😛 Your bulletin board at the end is cute! Thanks again for the awesome party, it was great finally “meeting” you in AC:WW! 😀

  2. Aww thanks for the comment I had a great time in the party too thanks for coming! Haha your pics are great and Kammile’s pics are great too! But you send me a lot of pics and Kammile’s post had just a few pics! That’s why I just showed some of yours and all of Kammile’s post! But if you see your photo “area” is bigger than Kammile’s imagine if I had to show all of the photos you send me I would be like 4 hous saving the photos in the computer and then uploding them, but your photos are fantastic!!!! 😀 Yeah It was great to meet you in acww too and Amy I have to talk with you…. can you be online in the Gmail at 15:00 pm my time? It’s important 😉 Hope yes! 😀
    PS: I was thinking I love this posts of acww and I was thinking to put more posts about acww like…. 3 per month or something like that I’m planing a post of acww about my characters! But the next post it’s gonna be about Hp cuz this blog it’s 80% of Hp and 20% of acww 😆
    Oh and the time of my comments it’s not correct so…. yeah don’t look at the time cuz it’s wrong.

  3. Btw Amy do you know if finally Jemma picked the 10.000 or she just picked the 1000 bells? Cuz she helped me a lot in this party and that’s why I want to give to her the 10.000 😆 Hope you know it and.. I can wifi with she soon to change objects muahahahah 😆

  4. Oh, I wasn’t commenting on not using all of my pictures. I was saying that not all of them are showing up, as in they aren’t visible and they appear as red Xes. Copy and pasting pictures from WordPress works, but like I said, for gmail you’d probably need to save and upload the pics.

    Those plans for AC:WW posts sound great!

    I don’t know anything about the bells situation, I was confused about what was going on during that exchange haha. But you can always give the bells the next time you DS to DS with her or something. 🙂

    Uhh ok, but how about now, we’re both online right?

    • Well I don’t understand what do you mind at all but… for me showing up it’s “mostrando” in spanish… well I saved some of the pics so….. what’s the problem hehe? Do u see the pics? 😀 Well thanks 😛 I already send you the email hehe.
      PS: Yeah Jemma and I are going to do wifi….soon I hope 😆

  5. LOL, the last photo that i own.. i was the one smiling.. haha, but i really enjoyed this post and how come some of Amy’s pics were gone? 😕

  6. Thank you and sorry I meant … you are the unique smiling as well you are the unique good for being a top model in acww 😆
    I see all the Amy’s pics I posted, u don’t see all??? :S

  7. Woot! I love this acww post, I think it’s also very fun to post about acww and it sounds great you doing posts like this every now and then 🙂
    I also don’t see some of Amy’s pics but still, the post looks totally awesome, love the comments you leave after each picture, you’re great at this!

    And, like Amy, I also feel that bulletin board is a warm and cute touch to the post, thank you so much for inviting me to your great party!!

  8. Thank you so much! The bulletin board was a flash idea I had 😆
    Hehe yeah I love to do that type of posts! 😀 Thank you Jemma!
    PS: But u are the expert for acww posts! “The amazing Jemma’s blog” tantantanxann 😆 hehe

  9. I’m sorry if this is a late comment? 😆

    Haven’t been checking lately… =_= I liked how you described the photos so well… btw, why is Amy’s Pics… gone? 😆
    i’m on my twitter account, whenever i’m in your blog… and comment in my “wordpress” account and clicked “post comment” it redirects to this “login” page in wordpress… and whenever i type my username and password.. it doesn’t log me in.. even though I AM LOGGED IN…. wordpress is acting up lately… 😥

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