Contest! How to learn English?…. with Harry Potter, of course!

Hi!!! 😉  Well today I want to show you, an awesome 😀 infographic from the company: Kaplan, and if you read the information of this infographic Harry Potter is the Nº1 film with a 24% that the people thinks the film helped them for studying and learning english! Cute right?, JUST ENJOY PLEASE:

– Can TV, films, music and video games help people learn English? I think TV, films, music… and all this things, help us to learn English because they are TV programmes, flims, songs…. very well done, I meant they higlight, they are like super super fantastic and they impress the people (the viewers) !

– Where is the best place to travel and learn English? I think the best place depends what type of accent you prefer,and what type of persons and the type of life you want to have, but I personally prefer UK, or Australia, USA is good too but is very different to EU.

– Did anything in the infographic help you learn English? A American friend helped me to learn the english I know, but, I learned with the films of Harry Potter, :mrgreen: and with this blog too, of course!

– What do you think is the best way to learn English? I think is travelling to somewhere where the oficial lenguage is English, like USA,UK,Australia… 😀 Like says in the Infographic. But if u have a friend with the English with native lenguage you can speak with her once a week or twice! This can help you too! 😉

-Why Harry Potter is the best film for learning english? Because is an emotive film, it has romantic scenes, but it has action and most of all a lot of magic! That’s why the viewers get envolved and fascined of the Harry Potter world and they want to watch and re-watch the movies first in they’re native lenguage but later in the original version (the english one), and they have more curiosity to travel to UK and see the original sets… Like the Platform 9/3 quarters. And more if later you want to do a book, a blog, a web or anything else of Harry Potter in English (like me 😆 ). Or…. have classes in your home with an other friend or 2 friends more(or more and more persons 😆 but is better to be 1-4 persons maximum.) but I think is better to travel to anywhere  where they speak english! GO HARRY POTTER! HARRY POTTER ROCK’S! :mrgreen: POWER HARRY POTTER!

Well that’s all! Please vote me! And let me win the Ipad3!!! You can know more about the contest, and how to vote me, in this site:

And I made one fan art with some programmes about HP and why is important for learning english, enjoy it please:


I have a short notice for you about the harry potter world:

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 now available on iOS devices!  
So if you have an Ipad(like I hope I can have if I win this
contes), Ipod touch or Iphone! So.. yes HP LEGO YEARS 5-7
is now on App store!!  

And that’s all!!!!! :D A lot of magic kisses my friends!!!

PS: Sorry if you don’t understand some things because I’m from Spain and English is NOT my native lenguage or anything similar! And count too, that I’m a kid… 😀


27 comments on “Contest! How to learn English?…. with Harry Potter, of course!

  1. I agree about learning english in movies and series! 😀
    It helped me a lot too. ^^ Any US/UK Program,Movie or Series are very fluent in english. 🙂 HP characters speak very fluent english, so i think it helped me too. 😆

    .. I admit that i know english MORE than my native language. 😐

  2. 😆 I admit I know more Spanish than English 😆 xP So I know more of my native lenguage than that english xP
    Yeah I agree with you! xP Why do you still comment in my blog? Well I meant I like this comment and I say thank you for this nice comment…but I don’t know I was thinking you were angry with me or something like that…. -.- I hope I’m wrong -.-
    oH an can you vote me please….? 😉 I want to win lol (of course) I hope you like the post an the art, or the fan art I don’t know :mrgreen: Thank you and vote me please 😉

    • LOL, for me.. i don’t know my OWN country’s language that much.. i spend most of my time in the internet.. speaking english. xD

      o_o I commented on your blog because I wanted to, I wasn’t angry at you, maybe you mistaken the one person i was “avoiding” .. Of course it wasn’t you! It was some random commenter..who was arrogant and very rude to me during a wi-fi meeting.. i thought that if i changed my name and everything, I’d get away with her.. 😦 …Maybe, i got a little traumatized for days because of her.. i was trying to avoid herr… and her … very.. hurtful words. 😥

      • Oh! and of course i’ll vote for you!
        Wow, People are into contests lately.. haha.

        btw, i didn’t win the art contest i entered. T_T but it was my second art contest that i entered and it was fun doing my artwork. ^^ Even though i lost, i can still join lots of other anime drawing art contests! xDD but these kind of contests don’t come in everyday, i happen to find this very rare. 😆 So, yeah, I’ll vote for you and hope that you’ll win it! :mrgreen:

        Is there a prize? xD

      • Thank you so much!

        Did you really don’t win the contest? -.- Your drawing was amazing!

        Yes I can win an I pad xP

        And… buff I was thinking I was the person who you are angry with! 😉 I ❤ being your friend ^^

      • lol

        buff? xD

        I hope you win that contest! and yes, i didn’t won, there are lots of other amazing contest entries, i don’t stand a chance with my rushed art work. 😆

      • well your drawing was amazing so I can’t imagine others better, and more if I draw like an elephant, y drawings are horrible 😆 Buff is like pff xd We say buff in spanish xd

      • Oh! Pff is translated as Buff on Spanish. 😆
        like jeje. which is like “hehe” 😆
        lol.. i’d like to learn more spanish-related stuff. xD

        Well, I lost the contest, There’s lots more to come though! ^^

      • Yeah! Hahaha I love to learn more english-related stuff! How many Spanish you know? I meant like me english, more than me, you don’t know a lot…? XD
        Well another time is going to be (contest) ! Xd

      • I know a lot of english words. xDD lol.
        Spanish.. uhm.. our country has a little spanish stuck on our language (but spelled differently = queso-keso. loool xDD) I only know a little bit spanish.. like caja,clase,delicioso,sarap (?), chismosa [lol], favorito,noche buena etc. 😆

        All of the people on my country already said the words on my example part. (mostly, the chismosa and noche buena… LOL. chismosa..) Maybe i know more spanish words.. but not all. 😆

        It’s nice that you speak your native language so fluently.. for me, i don’t.. internet.. english.. always.. remember? xDD I like drawing and working hard while my lower body doesn’t do much work.. yes.. very thin and non-muscled feet of mine. 😆 strong upper body and weak lower body. 😛

  3. With my foreign language classes, I only learned from textbooks. 😳 But I guess English is so pervasive everywhere by comparison, you almost don’t have a choice to be exposed to some English music, movies, etc. I think movies and TV shows especially would be a good way to learn idioms, expressions, and slang that are not taught in textbooks.

    This is a really good entry, tying Harry Potter and learning English together

    • Oops, my comment got caught off, I meant to end it like this:
      This is a really good entry, tying Harry Potter and learning English together and encorporating it into your blog and a contest! I hope you win, I’ll be sure to vote for you when the voting starts. 🙂

      • First of all thank you so much for the nice comment and for vote me 😆 I think I’m not going to win but this theme is interesting xD
        I sometimes listen Disney Channel or neox in english and I understand a lot but not at all of course, for me they talk very fast! 😆 I have 1 hour of english in the afternoon with a friend and we do 3 hours of English per week in school 😀 I hope when I’ll be older I can speak English like I speak Spanish! I’m studying German too and next year in school we are starting French! Yipee 😀 I love studying lenguages I think they are very important for the future xP

  4. Glikes!!!! (I love this invented I think word) That sounds good, I agree with all your points! I think this summer I’m going to do a camp week in the mountines in USA! I think in Alaska, and we’re going to speak all the week in English! Yipee :mrgreen:
    I do particular English classes too xP
    Hey! Your fan art is great! You are good doing this things! I’m going to vote you too!! Good luck!
    PS: I already have an Ipad 😆 but is the first of the Ipad’s generation ^^

    • Hahaha! I like GLIKES too 😀 I didn’t know that you like to invent words, like me xP… I love that word: Shuwrrellaaa! 😆
      HEY, your methods for speaking english are good! A mountine camp?¿ Wow that is going to be funny! 😉
      ¡Thank you so much Sandra! And pleaseee vote me xD 😀
      PS: You already have an Ipad? Cuteee! Enjoy it ^.~

  5. Wow that is really cool, I can see how Harry Potter could help u learn english, but Video games???? How do they help u??? Can u tell I’m not a big fan of them!!???:$ Great post, really interesting. Harry Potter is sooooooo good!!! Its amazing how big its become! I wish it was real, I haven’t given up hope yet!

  6. Hi! I’m here again, just wanna say.. I AGREE WITH THE LAST PART.

    Video Games does help me with my english also!
    If there’s anything that would help me learn english, It’s video games and films!
    On video games, You’ll learn how they are spelled but you won’t know how you pronounce some rare or hardly pronounced words, but on films you can know how they’re pronounced but may not know SOME of the word’s spelling.

    If you combine them both.. YOU’LL BE AWESOME IN ENGLISH IN NO TIME.
    haha, it’s perfect! since this blog has AC:WW in it AND HP! ^^

    Good Luck with the contest! I recently voted you!

    • Haha your right! 😉 Recently I watched films in english but I always play video games in spanish, but I’m going to play video games in English right now 😉 😀 Thanks for your vote xP ^^ Choco I have a problem I’m always trying to comment in your blog but I can’t I don’t know what happens :S

      • eh? I don’t know what you mean by “can’t comment”? 😆

        Maybe try commenting again? 😕

  7. The meaning of the verb can’t is when for some reazon you cannot do something xP 😆 So I mean for some reazon I can’t comment in your blog, I don’t know why 😆 I tried to commenting again a lot of times but my comment doesn’t appear 😦
    Oh and thanks for your vote again 😉
    You are online right? 😀

    • I'm really sorry, I missed that comment, I was on a convention that day. :lol:

      Try commenting, it MIGHT go to the spam section...
      ...What happens if you comment? Can't see it? ...Try commenting in my blog again, say "test, test"

    • I think she knows what can’t means, Emma. But she doesn’t understand the problem 😛 I remember that happening to me once, and I think I would just copy the comment and if it didn’t publish it comment using the wordpress update thingy (the button that tells you who commented on your blog, if you have a new subscriber…)

      I’ll go on and vote for you! You did a great job, and I really enjoyed reading this post, it’s interesting and your conclusions are very true.
      The fan art also looks amazing! Congratulations!! 😀

      Best luck!

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