Hi! I’m here again ^^

First of all I wanna say hi to the summer and to all of you… O.o I’m so so sorry for not being here for…. 2 weeks maybe? I’m sorry I was: the first week in a camp with my friends and… the best week I had a cruise in Norway and Denmark!!!! It was so cool and you know than in Norway the trolls are super famous, so I made like a diary of the trip but based in the adventures of a troll family!!! haha you know my name is Emma so my character in the story was called Amme troll 😀 
PD: The cruise was specially about the Norwegian fjords, if you don’t know what they are here you can see a photo: 
 They are really beautiful!!! Oh and this photo as you can see is not made by me! 😀 
Well returning to the first theme I’m so sorry again and I’m sure that this week and the enxt one you’ll be plenty of posts! 
Here are some samples of the new projects I have (they are in order of what I will post first):
-“Little but important details” NEW POST (I will posted tomorrow probabily or maybe on monday)
-“The dark arts professors” NEW POST
– TWO NEW story POSTS  (I’m excited about this 😉 )
-NEW chapter of the album about something called…. POTTERMORE!! (I’m excited for the second book) 
– And last but not least; NEW post of animal crossing wild world.

6 comments on “Hi! I’m here again ^^

  1. Wow, that photo is so beautiful. 😮 It’s good you’ve been enjoying your summer! I look forward to these posts, could use some more HP in my life.

  2. Haha yeah the cruise was very good and I had some friends on there! I had a very good time! Well yes I hope you can enjoy all the posts!
    PD: Are u in holidays? 😀

  3. These posts look super amazing and I can’t wait for them! The photo is also super beautiful although I’m sure you took plenty of ones that for double cool! 🙂 Will you post this troll diary you mentioned in this post? It looks very exciting!
    Happy Summer, Emma. See you tomorrow!

  4. Did you really do a cruise in norway? that sounds really good, well at least better than what I’ll do this summer: study study and study!! -.- And you swam on the congelated water of the fjord! Baby, you are really brave, I hate the cold water!
    And, honey, you are so creative!!! A troll story based in your own story in the cruise, right?¿? So cute at all :mrgreen:
    By the whay all those projects will be fantastics! I’m sure of it! I’m excited for the summer post, how are you going to mix harry potter and summer in one post? Well I’m sure you’ll do it great and if you do not……, well that’s imposible and it will don’t happen. ^^ And do you know that in Oslo last year happened a terrible atack in a island! a crazy man went to a camp in that island dressed like a police man and he was calling the boys in couples and then he fired them and killed them too! A lot of people died, It was really terrible, poor people. OMG I was talking like hermione granger! 😆 Well I thought you are in summer, so happy holidays. ^^

    • Yeah I know that about Oslo, I didn’t wnt to Oslo by the way lol 😀 Thank you so much Sandra you’re so sweet always. I like cold water after the hot water xP

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