The food trolley: HONEYDUKES EXPRESS!

This is the 2nd post of my “Little but important details category”, I just can say that you have to enjoy it and: here I present youuuuuu………:

Honeydukes Expres!!!

 With this simpe phrase that woman can get crazy to all the hungry kids and teens of the hogwarts express:
Anything off the trolley, dears?“—Trolley lady to everybody on the Hogwarts express
(Except Ronald Weasley, he already had his food, an ugly looking sandwitch. Poor boy! :O ) 
Food rolley lady 2.jpgThe Honeydukes Express was the food trolley aboard the Hogwarts Express that enabled the students to purchase food on the long journey to the Hogwarts school of magic! And belive me, that food is so geanious!!!. It was pushed by a plump,friendly witch, and the sweets were likely supplied by Honeydukes Sweetshop.

Some of the most bought sweets on the trolley where this: 
  • Bertie Boot’s Every Flavour Beands. 
  • Cauldron Cakes (that will be so good).
  • Chocolate Frogs (so fantastic to, if you go to the Wizarding World you have to buy one).
  • Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum.
  • Jelly sugs.
  • Pumpking pasties.
FIRST YEAR OF HARRY POTTER AND THE TROLLEY 😆 :When Harry Potter acted in the  first rode the Hogwarts Express at the beginning of his 1st year, he planned to buy “All of the Mars Bars he could eat” -.- (that would be fun 😀 ), but the trolley didn’t have any Mars Bars. They had something much better ^^ Being new to the wizarding world Harry was amazed to find sucj items as  I the samples I told to you after this paragraph. That you can see on photos here: 
Chocolate Frog1.jpgCauldron Cake.jpg
Harry bought a little of everything and shared it with his new friend Ronald Weasley. Over the years Harry and the others regularly used the food trolley whenever they traveled on the Express. Buying a bit of everything would cost about 11 sickles. ( 😆 I would do the same)

6 comments on “The food trolley: HONEYDUKES EXPRESS!

  1. This is a really cute post! 🙂 I like your informative posts about different aspects of the wizarding world like this.
    When I visited the Harry Potter park, I bought a chocolate frog (expensive o_o), acid pop, and cauldron cake at Honeydukes, though I wish I could have tried a little bit of everything. 😦 And I’ve had Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans, the kind they sold at stores years and years before the Harry Potter park even opened… I’m like Dumbledore, don’t like them much because of the gross flavors like sardines, grass, booger, etc. xP

  2. Thank you so much! Wow, you bought a lot of things on honeydukes I just bought a chocolate frog!!! I’ll like to try one Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans of grass, but I think it will be so bad :mrgreen: I wiould love to buy something else but I didn’t had much money and all in the park it’s so expensive!But I took a lot of photos 😀
    I’m glad you like the post!

    • I was there for a few days, so I didn’t eat everything at once. xP The chocolate frog especially was very large and filling; and it wasn’t a hollow chocolate shell, either, the whole thing was solid! So I guess it’s worth the money in that way, along with the chocolate frog card that comes with it. It started to melt in my hands though, ick. >_<

      I heard there are going to be new Harry Potter parks in Hollywood and Osaka, Japan… I wonder if they will be exactly the same as the one in Orlando (which I heard is getting an expansion, I look forward to it) and how many they are planning to make in other places. o_O

      • So sorry for the late reply <.< I was in my grandmas' house 😉 Yeah I just bought the chocolate frog because Florida is very far away from Spain and all the sweets would melt with the Florida's weather, and obvious I wouldn't eat all the sweets in just one day. lol
        Yeah I heard that too but I'm curious do you know when are they going to finish the expansion of the Florida's park? 😀

  3. OMG! I love the food trolley!!! I always imagine that I’m on a train going to school and then appears the honeydukes express! It would be crazy! ^^ By the way if you return to the wizarding world park I recommend to you to buy a cauldron cake! They are so so so good! How do you know all of these information? It’s incredible! Keep working this way and you will be famous lol :mrgreen:

    • Thank you so much, as you can see I love the food trolley too 😀 I find information in websites or in books and then I see what is the best and I write that information in my style ^^

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