Hpandmore: 2nd album chapter

This si the second album chapter. It’s a mix of Summer and Harry Potter! Thanks Sandra for giving me this idea! It was great!

Well I hope you will enjoy the album and remember don’t copy becaus is hpandmore.wordpress.com official. Thanks!!!!




6 comments on “Hpandmore: 2nd album chapter

  1. Wow, this really made me laugh, it is very well done! I love the idea, it’s original and creative!
    I absolutely loved the image of the last page, it’s so funny, your annotations also added humor to the chapter, it was very funny! I absolutely loved it!!

  2. Oh my…!!! I loved the 1st chapter but this is awesome!!!!! The idea of Voldemort suntan makes me laught a lot!!!! Haha when I gave you the idea I was not thinking about having credit but thank you ^^ Trolls!!!!! lol It was great your fan art of Petunia! Good job Emma!!!!! How many chpaters are you going to do? I’m excited for more 😀
    Happy summer Emma!

  3. This is excellent, I can tell you spent a lot of time on the illustrations and everything. It was really fun to read! And I’m sorry I couldn’t read it sooner! >_<
    Voldemort probably spent his summers plotting how to get Harry the next school year, or just biding his time in Albania. 😛
    The raft image is funny, it's amusing to imagine all these characters who are enemies enjoying an activity like that together. Reminds me of this group picture taken on set I think(?)

  4. Thank you so much Amy! Don’t worry! And sorry for the late reply! Haha Albania lol yeas that would be a perfect country for Voldemort! xP
    I like the pic too! XP but it remainds me that hp is over….. 😦

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