Three long months of fall!

Yeah hp fans! 😀 The fall is already here and with him the cold weather!! So I’m sorry for not posting a lot this year, but you have to get used to this because this year I want to be better in school! And I have personal projects for other hobbies! 😀

Btw I did a little poem abut fall, I’m going to publish this poem on my personal facebook in the middle of fall  (I think) but like anyone in this blog knows my personal facebook I’ll pass you first the poem! So enjoy it! ❤

ENGLISH VERSION( I don’t know if I wrote it good, so Jemma if you see this please told me what is wrong hehe): 

Then the fall arrives,
with all of his colors,
And, with him,
the summer goes away,
only the moments would stay,
with the hope,
that the pumpkins,
and the falling leaves from the trees,
will watch us closely
until the winter arrives. 

Spanish version: 

Entonzes llega el otoño,
con todos sus colores.
Y, con el,  el verano se va,
solo los momentos perduran,
con la esperanza,
que las calabazas,
y las hojas que caen de los arboles,
nos vigilen de cerca,
hasta que llegue el invierno.

And here are my Hp projects one is the hallows revolution so keep reading! :Image

The other it’s a project I did last year about Valentine’s day:



5 comments on “Three long months of fall!

  1. Hey, Emma! Glad to see you posting again, I think the poem is awesome and sounds awesome too, you’re amazing at writing poems! But I think instead of saying “Only the moments would stay” You could say something like “And only memories of it remain” Just to add a little more sophistication, I guess 😛

    Oh! Almost forgot, HALLOWS!! ❤

  2. Hallows!
    Hahaha thank you so much jemma! well I would think about your sophistication phrase haha! ❤
    Hahaha your so good writing poems too! I hope you liked the valentine's day draw or… instead of draw, collage too 😉

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