Santa Claus is coming to town….! (again) <3


So yes it’s Christmas time (again) houhouhou!! And I hope you had a very merry christmas …. and of course keep enjoying this magical (as always) christmas day!! 🙂

You know in the Hp movies Christmas is almost most important fest! For sample Harry received his Invisibility Cloak during his first Christmas at Hogwarts, so of course my question is…what presents did you find this morning under de Christmas tree?

And… another important fact made on the Christmas time is when Harry saved Ronald Weasley’sfather from the Nagini’s atack!! That was really important too.

Well yeah this is really important but…. this year I have a very special christmas gift for all of us!:Christmas hp



And…. do you know that att this time, the school is decorated and the Great Hall is filled with the twelve christmas trees . On Christmas day there is the feast , during which the remaining students and teachers tuck into mountains of roast turkeys, potatoes and chipolatas. The tables in the Great Hall are strewn with wizard Crackers, wonderful crackers that sound like gunshots when pulled and are filled with real sized hats, wizard chess sets, live mice and jokes… Please can I be on Hogwats for Christmas time? 🙂

WB Studio Tour Christmas Card


2 comments on “Santa Claus is coming to town….! (again) <3

  1. Merry Christmas Emma! Hope you had a great day and got some cool presents! I got a custom-made calendar, a lot of socks (Dumbledore and Dobby would approve, they always seemed like big fans of socks :lol:), pajamas, new headphones (my cats broke my old ones >_<), and some CDs.

    I really like your Studio Tour Christmas collage! The pictures are appropriate, well-arranged, and a great reminder of the splendour of Christmas at Hogwarts. 😀

    • Merry Christmas again haha! You know, I’ve got socks too! Hahaha, oh you’re right I think Dumbledore love socks I don’t know why 😛 I’ve got some Dvd’s…. and more things that I don’t remember -.- Haha you’re cat seems to be sneaky! 😉

      I’m glad you liked the collage! And yes you’re right Hogwarts in Christmas it’s… how to say it…. AMAZING! juju well merry christmas Amy!

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