So yeah, as I think all of you know I’ve been to “The Harry Potter Studio Tour” a few months ago… the 7th of December (for my birthday yay) So, yeah I just bought a few stuff from there, the store whas pretty amazing, it was… like basically it was like a mix of all the Harry Potter shops (Ollivanders, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes , Zonko’s shop, Honeydukes….) I think I spent like.. 50 pounds.

I really recommend to everyone to visit the Studio Tour, it’s really an amazing experience!!!! So here we go, that’s what I bought:IMG_3749683684  Every Flavour Beans: Harry used to buy this sweet on the Food Troley of the Hogwarts Express, or in the Honeydukes Shop. They are really good, but some of them, as they name say (every flavour beans) taste really horrible… You don’t know if they’ll be delicious or horrible… 😉

IMG_3729 IMG_3730 Special Hogwarts parchment, I really don’t know what to write on here, any ideas?

IMG_3731 IMG_3735 10 super amazing Christmas Cards! I sent one to my best friend (Jemma jiji :$ ) They just let me remind that Christmas will come again, next year ❤

IMG_3737 IMG_3738 🙂

IMG_3743 The official Harry Potter Studio Tour Guide, fantastic if you want to remember all the magic moments you lived while you where into the Studio!

IMG_3734 IMG_3744 IMG_3745 IMG_3746 IMG_3747 IMG_3748 Bags, tickets and much more free stuff!

And last but not least:

005 oo Pink puffskein and a pumpkin juice magnet!!!!! Isn’t adorable?

So hey! I hope you enjoyed this post and please don’t copy!!!! ❤ Lots of love from Emma!

Pd: What are you planning for this summer? Would you travel to anywhere? I just whant the summer tooooo comeee! So, Summer 2013 I’m waiting for you! 🙂



  1. Wow, such awesome Harry Potter merchandise! 😀 Thanks for sharing these pictures!
    I’ve had the Every Flavored Beans before, I remember having some gross ones like grass, urgh.
    Hmm, maybe a fan fiction story or a special letter could be written on the Hogwarts parchment, I’m not sure either…
    I’m sure Jemma loved the HP Christmas card 🙂 Hope she’s doing well!

  2. Amy, thank you! Yeah you are right, some of the Beans where pretty bad.. hahaha but that’s why they are the EVERY FLAVOUR BEANS! 🙂 Umm.. that could be interesting to write in the parchment… 🙂 Yeah Jemma is doing well ❤

  3. It’s been a while! I love the pictures! Hm, I’d love to taste one of the every flavor beans but i’m afraid i might pick the awful tasting one. xD

    Oh and cool christmas cards. 😀 If you get to meet Jemma again, Well, Tell her I said hi and i miss her, as well as you, I miss you toooo ❤

  4. Chocooo! (Kammile) How are youu?? It’s been a reaally long time!!!! Thank you, I’m glad you liked the pics! Hahhahaha you should try one of the beans, it’s kinda funny!
    Yeah I think the Christmas Cards are amazing! Jemma goes to the same class as me hahahahha We are very friends ❤ I will tell her! And of course I miss you too! I'm glad you "returned"

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