ACWW fans! :)

Hey guys I’m also a big fan of  Animal crosing wild world!

My character inACWW is COCO.
Animal Crosing is a fun and interactive game. I love it!
Town Hall Toom Nook, Tools Handyman, your house, the neighbors’ houses, the museum and the gate.
If you want my code connectors friends with me is:
Name: Coco
City: A casa  (  it’s not a very good name hehe:oops:)  

I want to make clear to all who visit my blog that any information that you will find in this copied or: pages of actors (except photo gallery and links) or other blogs or wikipedia …
So I ask that you not copy the information as it has cost me time and work to do!
Please Do not copy


12 comments on “ACWW fans! :)

  1. wanna go my wi-fi meeting on saturday? it’ll be held 10 PM my time and i think you live in the same country as jemma,right? so if your time zone is CET the you can come to my tow at 4 PM your time! 😉 hope you’ll come!

  2. Hello Wanna come to my town,this day 10 PM some of my friends will come to my town 😀
    i hope you’ll come :mrgreen: be seeing ya on ACWW 😆

    • Oh sorry this summer will be impossible to connect sorry that my father is very adventurous and we are a week in one home a week at another, but the penalty is that they are without the Internet! XD I’m really sorry! Visit my blog much, please!

      • I DO visit your blog,everyday even on hard days like tuesdays 😆
        Its ok,wow! i’m glad how your father is adventurous not like mine
        whos always sleeping and eating 😆 (no offense dad 😆 )
        Won’t life be an adventure..? have fun on those “adventure” days!

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