Party!! ^ ^

My B-Day party rules and information:


My Town gonna be decoreted wit some Hp patterns ( broomsticks, cauldrons, quidditch….. and a lot of more patterns made by Amy and Jemma if she can), with Christmas patterns (present made by me and more…. ) 😛

And one two or three Halloween patterns, specificly a pumpkin a spider and a skeleton =)

Kammile can you made this patterns? THANKS! 😛

The party gonna be the 17th of December at 8PM (my time) I can change the time if doesn’t work for you! 😛


IMG_4437 ©



If I’m not wrong I think this are the work dealings:

AMY: Hp patterns

KAMMILE: Some (2 or 3 max) Halloween Patterns

ME: Christmas patterns, Jemma can you help me with Christmas  patterns? 😛 THANKS 😀


– Don’t be rude with my neighbor

– Don’t speak a lot with my neighbors ’cause I’m trying to have her/his personal photos 😛

– Don’t step the flowers

– Don’t remove the patterns when you walk or when you run

– And be nice wit all the persons of the party (including me) 😆 😀


PS: Post a comment saying if you wanna go to the party and if you have some patterns….. 😀

Thanks again! 🙂


14 comments on “Party!! ^ ^

  1. Happy birthday! I’d love to come to the party and to help with it! As you know, I’ve been too busy to start working on patterns so far, but I will begin this weekend. 🙂

  2. Awww 😦 I thought I was preparing HP patterns it’s what you said to me in your post 😕 and I already have a few ready…
    But I’ll prepare Christmas patterns if you want.
    When is your party?

  3. I don’t think I can come anymore since I have family coming over. But I hope you had a happy birthday, will have a happy Christmas and new year, and have a fun party without me. ^^

  4. Thanks comment in my last post of Christmas, please 😛
    If you can’t come to my party I think I will make a electronical and fiction party… a sorprise 😛 Please answer my reply of the party in the post of the photos of the hp harrod shop! 😀

  5. When’s the part gonna be? I remember you changing the date to the 28th of December? Could be I dreamed it 😆 but just making sure my dream hasn’t come true 😛
    btw I have a present for you at my blog 😉

  6. Did I miss the party? When was it? Did you celebrate it? Or did you suspend it? Or are you planing to do it in the future?
    If you are planing to do it in the future, make sure it’s not on the 15th of January 😛

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