(new chat coming soon)

Hehe this is my chat . You can ask or comment anything!

I hope you like! 8)

Color meanings: 
Green: Online
Red: Offline
Gold: Owner
Silver: Moderator
Blue: Member
My chat name is: EMMA or Bubble Dreamer!

33 comments on “Chatroom

  1. Hey emma! I would like to make you a moderator of my chat what do you say?
    Thanks I’ll be happy to be your chat moderator too if you need any help

  2. Hi Emma..are you angry with me..? as see from your chatroom,well,let me explain from a comment
    Jemma told me that your have been copying some of her HP informations even though
    i think you didn’t copy some of her informations
    Jemma “kinda” rampaged on your chatroom about you copying her HP blog..
    Gmail things -___-
    all solved now 🙂
    you suddenly got angry at me -___- me..confused o.o
    End of explaining part 1

  3. Part 2…
    ok let me explain…
    i was helping jemma with her problems because SHE consulted me
    i wasn’t bursting into Jemma’s Problems because…SHE AND I MEAN JEMMA
    was the one who consulted me and i was just trying to help,understand and get it 🙂
    PART 3…
    I AS IN KAMMILE AS IN ME! told Jemma that you DIDN’T copied anything
    and me looking like i was “defending” you instead of Jemma 😦
    but i was supposed to be defending Jemma -__- you were innocent and
    i hope that the fight is over,the main problem in “online” friends is that they fight
    and more dangerous in real life o.o (punching…kicking… i hate real life fights.. )
    and i DO HATE online fights,we should be just friendly and tell them that properly and nicely 🙂
    hope we get a long just fine in the future :mrgreen:

  4. Hi,I am VERY sorry for not being active on commenting on your blog. 😦
    I made you a little present also. Go to the ratings page,choose advance settings and copy this url to it. 😉 I hope this will make you feel a little bit happier,as i made that for hours and it’s really back breaking (it can be neck breaking. 😛 )

    NOTE:Click the present link! i hope you like it!

      • Don’t worry Kammile! Rating’s still on my blog and I love it! If I change it I would do a post about it saying thank you to you 😆
        PS: Idea of dedicating a post to the rating is by jemma 😛 She’s here with me and helped me with the idea (and with the english :mrgreen: )
        PSS: Hi! This is me! Jemma! 😆 Well so I’ll dedicate to you this song:
        Dooooon’t be saaaad! Just be HAPPY!!! Juuuuust be happy!!! Don’t ever be saaad just be HAPPYYYYYYYyY!!! 😀

  5. Uhm,Emma, It’s been a while and while trying to get in on your site… this came up. :L

    I don’t know what’s wrong… and i completely DON’T understand.
    Your site has a malware virus or something?

    • I don’t know!! I think I have some photos from mugglenet and now mugglenet have a virus and then I have a virus too! Help!!!!! What I can do??? 😕
      Jemma will help me at the moment but please try to search solutions !!! Thanks 😉

      • I’ve never had any problems like that with MuggleNet, never seen any messages like that there or on this site (and I just recently upgraded my Windows and Internet Explorer). And I’ve seen the content you have from MuggleNet: copy-and-pasted articles, probably a few pictures like you said. You can’t get a virus that way, it doesn’t make any sense. xP I don’t think you have anything to worry about…

  6. But, the message it’s from google so I think it have to be something important, right? 😦 If it’s something important an it’s really a malware from mugglenet all the viewers I have can have a virus or a malware in the computers too, and thats bad 😦 And if it’s not important I don’t gonna have visitors ’cause anyone wanna enter if google says than this blog have’s malware, and thats bad too (but not to important) 😦
    What I can do?
    PD: Thanks for your support and for kepp looking for my blog 😉

    • I googled “mugglenet malware” and got some results, so you could try that if you want more information. From the results I gathered that MuggleNet closed a few days ago for “technical difficulties” but that everything’s fixed now.

      This forum had the same problem, apparently they also had content from MuggleNet and visitors of their site received a warning about malware. Here are a few things they said:

      “Something must be happening on Mugglenet, but it might not effect Pottermore Central because the content from Mugglenet that we have on here are mainly pictures/links.”
      ^I agree with this, I don’t think you have to worry that you’re spreading malware just because you used a few pictures/articles from MuggleNet. It doesn’t make any sense…

      “Nothing should be hotlinked from Mugglenet, we need to find these images and delete them or host them here.”
      “Warning is gone, I believe all the pics that have been hotlinked from Mugglenet are now gone. :)”
      ^ They mentioned “hotlinking” — do you know what that is? It’s when you copy-and-paste a picture (or image URL) from someone else’s website without saving it to your computer and uploading it (right click > save as > use wordpress or another site to upload the image). Hotlinking isn’t good in general, and apparently for this forum it might have been what caused the warning message. So if you’ve ever copy-and-pasted photos from MuggleNet, you could try uploading them yourself to see if that fixes the problem.

      And you could download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to run a scan for your computer.

  7. Yay! Thanks Amy!!!! 🙂 🙂 All it’s okay now!!! I make a scan in my computer and all it’s okay! And the google prevention it doesn’t apper now, so all it’s like before the Mugglenet problem! hehe 🙂 YUPI!!! 😉 (yupi it’s a form to say in spanish it’s like yay! ) 😆
    PS: Did you see the new logo?? 🙂

  8. My blog, pottemoreinator had the same problem but I didn’t copy anything from mugglenet 😯 Maybe I had a picture from mugglenet?
    Well everything’s fine now, and btw Emma, my blog is closed (not my acww blog)

    • Yeah but I don’t have the problem anymore so… I think I don’t have to post anything, but I’m sure if there’s a next time I will post a post about the malware! 🙂 Thanks btw 🙂
      PD: Oh oh…. I had that again! But the prevention goes and gones I mean… in spanish… viene y se va. Glups 😦

    • Thanks 🙂 I’ts been a long time I will update the chatroom but… I don’t have time btw nice to meet you 😉
      Keep commenting on this blog and I comment on yours too! It’s gonna be fun 😉

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