Chatroom rules!

Here my chatroom rules:

  • Do not constantly repeat the same message
  • No racial or abusive comments will be tolerated
  • Do not flood the screen with your text
  • Do not create any chatrooms with swear words
  • Do not imitate a moderator or administrator to gain personal benifit in any
    other user chatrooms
  • Do NOT ask personal questions like full names, addresses and what school
    people go to
  • Do NOT attempt to set up meeting arrangements with anyone on our chat
  • Anyone seen giving out personal information will be banned

If someone breaks a rule will be banned from the chat. Please don’t be rude!!!

PS: I need moderators if anyone wants to be put a comment or send me an email at:

Click on your name to edit your name, picture and more…

My chat name is: EMMA or Bubble Dreamer!


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