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If you have any questions about the blog or correction in the chatroom you can comment on or make any comments. I hope to be there to answer them ! 😉
What happened? I have not answered?:oops: Calm down … I have a little plan to fix it! It is very easy you only have to send an e-mail to this address:

Please e-mails to be IMPORTANT and INTERESTING, but you can leave a comment on the blog or in the chatroom.
I may not be able to answer quickly to all e-mails or comments and we’re on vacation but do not be hasty always try to answer as quickly as possible! :). Usually not home and this may trip a few days off. In any case I tell you.


Click here to see my current time:


8 comments on “Contact me!

    • Gracias por comentar! Espero que te guste mi blog! XD
      Espero q lo sigas visitando, he hecho una nueva pagina sobre el viaje de los actores y actrizes de harry potter! Me encanta tu log, por cierto! Si te va mejor que te able en ingles para mi no hay problema! 😉 El domingo actualizare muchas paginas del blog, estate atenta a las novedades! 😛

  1. Hello Emma! since wordpress helping friend moved away 😦
    i decided to do things on my own and i already know how to do the page category thing!
    just let another page be a parent of another page lol i’ll explain more tomorrow

  2. hey hey hey. :] found tis while searching hp blogs, it was on the page 43 on the google search. haha,
    it’s been pretty great when i got here. nice infos. ;D
    but some of your posts have wrong grammars and stuff. 😛 i didnt mind much.
    i notice that your commenters are ac players? 😛
    why wont a hp loving girl come to your site,who is that girl? me. 😉

    • Hello Jun-jun!! 🙂
      Thanks for the nice comment! 🙂
      Yea! I’m from spain and I don’t speak very well the english! 🙂
      And all my commenters are Ac players… yes! 😦 But now your here! Do you really love Hp? Cool! 🙂
      Please keep visiting my blog!!! Yay! I’m super happy! Finally a Hp fan in my blog!!!! 🙂
      Thanks for the nice comment and keep visiting my blog please!!!! 🙂 😛

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