My Hp collection!

This are my Hp collection! I have many objects of harry potter!

Some I have bought in the park harry potter and others in libraries, others in several shops ….
My collection includes:
Books, DVD’s, objects that appear in the movies, t-shirts, crafts made by me …..
This holiday season, will have more and more objects, and make them pictures for posting on the blog!
Here are the photos:



13 comments on “My Hp collection!

  1. Wow, great pictures! Let’s see… I also have all the books (of course), Beedle the Bard, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch through the Ages, and all the movies except for the last one. I have some merchandise from the theme park, too, including my chocolate frog box and card (I also got Helga Hufflepuff!), Hermione’s wand, and a Crookshanks stuffed animal… which my own orange tabby is terrified of. 😆

  2. Aww.. thanks!
    I love the “extra books”
    Well my Hp collection is veeeeeerrryyy long! 😆
    Becose I love Hp XD
    Well thanks for comment a lot in my blog!
    You’re a great Hp fan and I think a great blog fan! 😉
    Thanks again!

  3. Wow! You got lots of collections! Im sorry,I can’t visit your blog (and comment)
    That’s really not hopefully what i’m gonna do, It’s monday (at least for us)
    So, I’ll be going to school later. I’ll comment at afternoon, Don’t worry, 😉

    • Aww thanks! 🙂 Yea! I really have got a lot of collectibles! 😛
      Well do not worry! Can you comment if it’s Ok afternoon at xD But remember to comment in all the new pages! xD: oops: I am excited, because you come back to comment on my blog, THANK YOU!

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