My experience!

 my expirience in the Wizaring World of Harry Potter.

On this page you can enjoy the summary of my experience in the park of Harry Potter and the original photos made by me. I say to  you not copy from this site. Actually I prefer copieis of other pages that this, as this has cost me not only write but is the result of a long and extraordinary journey! (But also not copy any page! 👿 )
R: Ronald , H: Harry, Her: Hermione, Hogwarts:HW
HP!…We were walking trhough Hogsmade and visited Zoncos and Honeydukes.
I buy….:
ZONCOS:One magic tongue and a YoYo which screams when you use it.
–HONEYDUKES: The famous chocolate frogs has a card inside(of course!). Mine is about Helda Hufflepuff!!
( I check all the stores, spcialy Honeydukes, all the things are pink and delicious XD And i see alot of the movies things!,mmm! But Zoncos it’s very good too, all the aparadores was red and funny, like inthe movies! 8) ).
I take the “Dragon Challenge” atraction, all decorated with objects used at the Twizaring Tournament(the bedroom, the goblet of fire, …etc) The rail is a Dragon, cool, right?:cool: OMG this atracion is very hard! 😯
I went to the “Hipogriff fly ”atracion, all decorated with diferents peculiar obgects: Hagrid’s shet (with the pumpkins, her wood shec…etc) an the Buckbeak’s things (Hipogriff). Went you get in the atracion you see one “real”Hipogriff ” (it’s a joke 😛 ,but very well done XD )and you see the Hogwarts castel! The atracion rail it’s an Hipogriff made with wood! Very cool! :mrgreen:
I went straight at “The Fourbiden Journey”( The best atracion in the world! ) I waited 1h doing a long que tought the Hogwart’s ivernacle until the castel door!!! I forgot my camera in the lockers! 😳 (lockers all decorated with Hogwarts Express “bahules”!) I can’t take photos! Buah ,buah ,buah… 👿
I’m in Hogwarts! Yeah! At the begening it’s all full of scultures, and the enter of Dumbeldore’s office( do you remember, right? Yes, of course! That entrance with a goldet igle ) We were walking trought a corridor all full of pictures than move,we entrance at the Dumbeldore’s office all full of extrange Dumbledore objects,and “Dumbledore” (They’re visual screens )talking in her office!!!
Passing through the kind of defense against the dark arts.H, R and Her tell us that we venture has to make the Forbidden V. (Ron unwittingly casts a spell of snow and we like levels of truth! I was just devajo of where snow fell, how nice! The Sorting Hat of the houses  explaines the rules of attraction (this time is not a digital display, it is real!)
 The atracion is very cool!!! You get into a Quidditch mach, you see de cruel dementors and they try to absorve your soul, we were walking trought the Hogwarts corridors,and the willow boxer, trying to crush you (Hermione gives instructions while!) and finally comes a screen with H, R, Her and Gryffindor, and another screen with Dumbledore, prefects and other students!
 Finished the atracion I go to the Flich Emporium and I buy a Hogwarts Express T-shirt! So cool! . I take a lot of photos and I eat at The Three Broomstick, the decorated is perfect! And the foot too, included the butterbear ;).
Choose a wand in Olivanda dresser’s and Hermione’s only fair! (Emma Watson). I turn up the V. Prohibited, but this time with camera, of course!
 I turn up the V. Prohibited but this time with camera, of course! 😉 And now I take alot of photos! I see Hogwarts lightenet and I buy the famous pumpkin juce (very tasty) And I buy HP postcards and stamps in the Derbige and Banges store!. I send one poscard for Jemma(Ariadna) and one for me 😆 , all with the free Hogsmade stamp!Now it’s time to say…Goodbye HARRY POTTERpark…buah buah buah! 😥
PS: All this I write in first person, but stating that I was with my parents! 😆


Original Photos of the Hp park made by me:

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14 comments on “My experience!

  1. Sounds like you and I had similar experiences; I also bought a chocolate frog (and got Helga Hufflepuff), pumpkin juice, Hermione’s wand, and ate at the Three Broomsticks. 🙂 It was cool seeing all the references to Fred and George’s inventions in Zonko’s, but I didn’t buy anything. They were cool collectibles I guess but pretty useless. 😛

    • Yes was a great experience! 😉 Do not know how you could not buy anything, being a fan of Harry Potter! 😆 (well the truth if I understand you, because if they are a bit useless XD) Have you seen photos of the park that I posted? If you’ve seen them not recommend them because they are so cool! 😳
      Stay tuned to this page, because I’m hanging out more and more pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 🙂
      I recommend this site if you’re a fan of Harry Potter:
      PS: Visit my new categories: Happy Birthday and Hp Stories

      • Well, I wanted to buy everything but had to control myself. 😛 What I meant by some of the products in Zonko’s being cool collectibles, but rather useless, is that the function they had in the books is gone since there’s no magic involved. For example, weren’t the extendable ears were just plastic ears with string attached or something? 😆

  2. OMG! Love this summary! Sound like you have a good experience! I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter too.
    Like you I loved to see Zoncos and Honeydukes 😉
    But for me the best was Ollivander’s experience.
    I bought a chocolate frog, the Ron’s wand , and a T-shirt from Zoncos.
    The Wizarding Worl of hp it’s an awesome park. 😛
    Your photos are fantastic! Love at all. 😛
    Great job! Love this page so much! 😛

    • Thanks! 😛 Thanks and a lot of thanks 😆
      Ollivander’s was incredible too for me! Love all the wands in the estanteria 😛
      Like me sounds than you visit all the stores! Like me 😉
      Thanks for all your nice comments! 😉

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